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Indian PM says queue he started is to end all queues people stood in for decades

PM in  HyderabadIndian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi defending his demonetisation of high value currency said, “Only the honest are standing in the queue while the dishonest are in queue in front of poor people houses requesting coaxing them to deposit money in their account” during a rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad.

He requested the people who have jan-dhan bank accounts not to pull out money from their account if others have deposited money in their accounts.

“If someone threatens you to withdraw money warn them of writing a letter to me. If they still pressurise you ask them for proof,” said Modi.

He also said that let the money be in the account the rich who forced you to touch their feet will touch yours now.

He asked the enthusiastic participants of the rally, “Have you ever seen rich touching feet of the poor? Now all those who have accumulated money illegally are now touching feet of the people.”

Hit opposition pasties through his speech in the rally he said that they forced the country to be queue for the last 70years and the queue started by him will end the queue they forced people to stand for decades.

“Political parties are complaining that people are suffering due to the long lines. The queue I have initiated is a queue to end all queues,” he added.

Adding further he said that people earlier also had to stand in long queues to get sugar, rice and other necessities.

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