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Indian Racially Abused And Assaulted In Australia

In an another racial attack on an Indians, a group of teenagers assaulted Indian student and hurled racial abuses at him at a restaurant in Australia’s Hobart.

Li Max Joy was the second victim of such racial attacks this week, who is from Meenadom in Kottayam, got minor injuries on his head when a five-member gang of teenagers, including a woman, attacked him early Saturday.

Li Max Joy

Li Max Joy has been pursuing a nursing course and working as a part time taxi driver in Australia, alleged that five people including a girl hurled racial abuses like “you bloody black Indians” at him and assaulted him up at the McDonald’s restaurant at North Hobart.

He also claimed that when others in the restaurant telephoned police, the attackers left, but they returned later and assaulted him again.

Li Max Joy was taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital with bleeding wounds and a CAT scan and X-rays were carried out to see if he had suffered any internal injuries.

 He also claimed that the teenagers were angry at the McDonald’s staff but trashed him instead.
Mr. Joy also said that the continuous change in the  racial mood is very scary. He also claimed that many a times drivers do not report such violences against them. He has sought intervention of External Affairs Ministry to ensure punishment to the accused.

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