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Indian woman sells house worth Rs 2 crores for Rs 170

A woman of Indian orign living in the United Kingdom has sold her house, which was worth over Pounds 250,000 to two private companies for a sum of just Pound 2. Rekha Patel, who is a 43 year old teacher had bought this house of two bedrooms at Simmondley village in Glossop in the year 2010 for an amount of Pounds 200,000 with the hope of turning it into her dream home.

Ms Patel was renovating her house and during this, there were some roof stones that got damaged and resulted in her neighbour suing her.

Her neighnour sued her over the repairs that she did in 2010. The court had directed Ms Patel to pay her neighbour damages and legal fees to the tune of Pounds 76,000. She was evicted from her house due to this, but she soon managed to get her house back. She is now fighting a court order to sell her house.

Unable to think of a better thing to do, Ms Patel said that she decided to sell her house for a very small amount as she realized that the law gave her more rights over a property as a tenant than as an owner. So she decided to break all her ties with the house and sell it to two companies for Pounds 2. She also signed a 10 year tenancy contract with them and set a rent for Pounds 50 a month.

Ms Patel was born in UK, but her family emigrated from Navsari, which is a city in Gujarat.

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