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Indians lead in acquiring foreign citizenship

More and more Indians are becoming globally relevant, as they continue to get foreign citizenship in top countries such as USA, European countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Indians lead the pack in terms of acquiring foreign citizenship, as a staggering 1.30 lakh people have got foreign citizenships in 2015 alone. This was reveled in a study conducted by OECD (Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development). OECD is a global think tank that has 35 countries as its members. Most of the Indians who got foreign citizenship were the ones who had work visas, which explains the professional superiority of Indian people.

After India, the most number of foreign citizenships were acquired by people of Mexico at 1.12 lakh, followed by Philippines at 94,000. China is at fifth place in the list with 78,000 foreign citizenships. The total number of people who immigrated to OECD countries was 70.39 lakh in 2015. Out of this, 7.8 percent comprised people from China. The most favored destinations for foreign citizenship continue to be countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany.

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