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India’s biggest spiritual confluence goes digital

Hyderabad, December 182020: The 13th edition of World Confluence of HumanityPower & Spirituality (“Confluence”), organised by Srei Foundation, inspired a diverse digital gathering of global leaders who discussed the importance of spirituality in this period of pandemic. All the previous 12 Confluences have also been graced by leading international scholars, intellectuals and industrialists.

The 13th edition of the Confluence promulgated an environment of peace, values, tolerance, empathy, hard work with righteousness, service for welfare of humanity at a time when the human race is experiencing an unprecedented challenge. The Confluence is one of the world’s largest spirituality conferences organised digitally.

Sister Shivani, Motivational Speaker, Brahmakumari; ShriKamlesh Patel, Spiritual Leader and Author; Shri. Shiv Khera, International Motivational Speaker; H.ERosalia Arteaga, Former President of Ecuador; SmtAnuradha Paudwal, Renowned Singer; ShriAshish Vidyarthi, Actor and Motivational Speaker; Bishop Lord Richard Harries, Former Bishop of Oxford; DrThanos Kriemadis, Professor at the University of Peloponnese, Greece; were amongst the distinguished guests who participated in the Confluence digitally.

Speaking on the occasion, DrHari Prasad Kanoria, Chairman, Srei Foundation, said: “For more than a decade, the Confluence has been promoting the values of enlightenment within through service to humanity. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, humanity is faced with an unprecedented challenge. I believe in this period of pandemic, spirituality will provide us with deeper immunity to stay strong.”

“If one follows the path of spirituality, not only there will be improvement is his/her mental and emotional state but it will also ignite strength and courage, and will create a stronger immune system. It will reduce the risk of disease, bring in greater self-confidence and help one stay positive in the current environment. For the first time we have organised the Confluence digitally and the response has been phenomenal. Through this year’s Confluence, we wish to communicate to our brothers, sisters and youth a message of love, service to humanity, work with devotion, fearlessness, positive vibration, care and awakening of soul,” he said.

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