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India’s First Ever Online Bindi Portal, Launched

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India, 28th October 2015: The traditional Indian look is incomplete without a bindi, we all know! It remains an undisputed fact that just a bindi can change one’s look many times over: whether it is a housewife, an actress, a model or a corporate woman. No wonder women of all ages over the years have always opted for the bindi to enhance their looks. Having spent so much time hunting for the perfect bindi to match your attire and suit your face, what if you get to now order your bindi online? It might sound too good to be true but with the launch today, it is now a reality!

The bindi has been an integral part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe over the years and continues to remain so. But with the offerings of bookmybindi, there will be a few changes around the looks. While earlier bindi was relegated to just traditional Indian wear, with the number of options available on the website, you will be able to choose your own bindi from a wider variety of patters, colors and designs and match it with any of your outfit. Whether it is traditional Indian or western wear, a casual or an evening look, you’ll have options for one and all. So go ahead and have fun dressing yourself up girl!

Prabhleen Kaur, Founder of Bookmybindi says, “It gives me immense pleasure to launch a site that will help women enhance their beauty with just a click. There are times when women are not in a mood to apply makeup yet want to look good, the bindi, as an accessory can change one’s look in a jiffy! But not always does the bindi match with western and casual outfits but with bookmybindi, that dilemma can be easily resolved. I believe in being simple yet classy when it comes to one’s looks and I’m happy that I can help women with their biggest decision everyday i.e. dressing up!”

The real bindi endorsers are perhaps the television actresses, working women and others who are seen in the different roles every day. These leading ladies of our country in many cases have played a key role in setting trends and much of it has been contributed to the cause of the bindi. While they might have not been instrumental in influencing celebrities in the West, nonetheless the appeal of the bindi has been so strong that celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Nicole Scherzinger and the likes have been spotted sporting it on several occasions.

Talking about the launch of, designer Aroona Bhat, who has designed over 1 lakh bindis for the portal says, “I am extremely happy and ecstatic to bring forward this concept to the bindi lovers who are always looking for something different. Even a non-bindi lover will get converted when she sees the designs that are available on the website. The price range starts from Rs 199 and goes up to Rs 4999.”

The bindi brings along with it a few advantages too. It is also scientifically proven to relieve headache, clear sinus, strengthen facial muscles and beat wrinkles, reduce fine lines between the eyebrows, beat insomnia, calm the mind and so on. Need any more reason to try out this little wonder? Well, we’ll give you more at! All you need to do is login, select, place the order and wait for the designer Bindi to be delivered at your door step.

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