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India’s top male model Karan “KO” Oberoi true Net Worth, you might be surprised to know!!

We see models, actors, sportsmen across the globe earning millions in fact billions, but when we tried to know the net worth of India’s leading model Karan Oberoi who is popular as “KO”, he said “my body, my lifestyle, my values, my family is my net worth and I don’t consider money as a tool to judge that.”
Besides being immensely successful as a male model who has worked with one of the best designers in Indian fashion industry and also with leading fitness brands as a model, he admits he has not earned anything on financial front if we  compare it with other things mentioned above. Moreover, he stresses on the struggle he went through in his early life which has taught him the true meaning of family, mother, sister and considers them as his net worth  and definitely his sexy and hot body, which has made him a darling of many across the globe. Karan also stresses to treat the body as a temple as ‘health is wealth’ which should be the true net worth of every human being on this earth, rest everything you earn is temporary and should never be given prime importance as it may not last long.
In this article we shall be talking about India’s leading model Karan Oberoi net worth that is his body workout, diet and skin care regime.
Leading model Karan Oberoi aka KO workout strategy and diet
Model Karan “KO” Oberoi believes if anyone wants to have a greek god boy look they should first of all be in love with what they do, if you don’t love what you do you will not succeed all the way. So, you need to be head over heels with what you do to achieve your dreams. Majority of men in this world who start going to gym to have a desirable physique like a model Karan Oberoi (KO), they don’t do it from the heart, so first rule is we all need to understand very well that we go to gym because we just don’t want to have beautiful body like a top model but to live healthy and fit lifestyle. Karan shares his experiences as a model when he started going to gym he never used to follow strick diet that lead him no where. He understood quite early in his life to have a great body it’s majorly about what you eat and how disciplined you are. Eating foods that are high in protein content like soya, lean meat foods like chicken and fish, cottage cheese in your diet can give you great results. Also including food like fruits, green vegetables like spinach not only helps you in having good looking body like a model but also makes you healthy inside out. Additionally it makes your skin glow and also nourishes your organs.
Karan Oberoi workout strategy
Karan oberoi is a leading model who has won numerous awards as a model such as top fitness model and mr best physique, now question arises how he did that? according to KO to have a body like a model we all need to have an extremely intense workout but it should not last more than an hour in the gym. He stresses to complete his workout within an hour which not just leads to weight loss but also gain in muscles which helps to attain lean and muscular physique like a top model. KO runs every other day but quite early in the morning around 5 am with empty stomach that leads to a good skin quality and shredded 6 pack abs. While doing gym his workout sessions are intense and before his shoot dates he prefers to do lot of cardio and circuit training like football players. He also believes to do 5 exercises for each body part and at least 15 to 18 reps per exercise which makes muscle hard and strong, and keep changing workout after every month or so is also a trick to have a great body like a model.  
Karan Oberoi workout routine while all year around when not shooting for brands:
Monday- chest and triceps
Chest- flat bench press, incline dumbbell press, decline pull over, cable cross over
Triceps- close grip bench press, cable pushdown, parallel bar dips.
Tuesday- intense running with 45 min abs workout.
Abs- exercise ball reverse crunch, hanging leg raise, plank.
Wednesday- Back and biceps.
Back- pull ups, cable seated row, one arm dumbbell row.
Biceps- barbell curl, dumbbell alternate bicep curl and concentrated curls.
Thursday- Intense running and on spot jumping with change in abs exercises.
Friday- Shoulder and legs
Shoulder- barbell shoulder press, dumbbell lateral raise, front raise
Legs- barbell front squat, seated leg curl, calf press, leg extension.
Saturday- Running and change in cardio vascular exercises.
Sunday- Rest Day.
Note: this is one set routine that he follows in the gym but also mentions that he keeps changing his workout.
Karan Oberoi (KO) diet :
Karan Oberoi believes it majorly depends on what you eat, he believes if you want to have a fit and strong physique like a model, seventy percent can be achieved by the right diet that shall give you results and rest is your workout.
Karan also stresses to live healthy, drug free, alchohol free and nicotine free lifestyle as they not only destroys body from inside but also hampers stamina which is required for body building. Karan stresses to incluse green leafy vegetables like spinach in your diet and citrus fruits. Almonds that are rich in vitamin E and other nuts should also be included in your diet.
Top model diet:
  • Breakfast: He prefers heavy breakfast. His breakfast includes 8-10 white eggs, slices of brown bread toast, fruits and one scoop of protein shake
  • Noon: Light and healthy foods.
  • Lunch: spinach, boiled vegetables and one cup brown rice and piece of chicken breast.
  • Evening: glass of ornage juice with 4 eggs white
  • Dinner: Two slices of steamed fish and green salad. His dinner includes soup, salads, and veggies.
Top model Karan Oberoi’s fitness supplement usage:
Karan uses protein shake powders, vitamins, fish oil, pre workout drinks and bcaa’s drink in his fitness regime. He stresses not to use fake Indian protein powders that can destroy your body in long run and one should always make sure they buy imported good quality protein powders in your diet.

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