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India’s YoungesteSports player- AnimeINDRishabh

Rishabh is one of the youngest Indian eSports players at just 17. He started off as a professional VALORANT player and represented India in VALORANT competitions as part of Team AnimeIND and he is the owner of Team AnimeIND. He first got into eSports when he entered a local tournament and ended up winning it.

He says,

“I won the tournament with a dominant performance and was unbeaten for quite some time, this made me realise that this actually might be my cup of tea.”

He also accompanied with DIVINE (India’s most sounded rapper) in GrubFest-2019, aware him with the best tricks.He has also played PUBG with GunShot (HarnitKhatri) in Gunshot’s Live Streaming on a channel having more than 200K subscriber

He started playing video games at an early age of seven and since then never looked back. Starting form such a young age he has developed a sense of gaming and has been creating his own tricks.In an interview he said that he was used to play games for almost 14 hrs.

Career Achievements of Rishabh

Date              07-12-2019                         14-02-2020                         21-09-2020
Placement        5th                                          3rd                                     2nd
Tier                 Minor                                      Qualifier                                ———
Tournament   Dreamhack PUBG               Tech To Innovate                    VALORANT
                   Showdown Delhi                PUBG Challenge            Tournament
Team           AnimeInd                               SOLO                                     AnimeInd
Prize              $0                                       $0                                             $340

He definitely looks like the future of gaming in India, trying to make the difference with his name in the world of e-sports.

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