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Indie Publishing House explores creativity as a tool to introduce language skills

AdiDev Press is an independent publishing company from India. It was born out of a passion for children’s picture books and a deep love for South Asian culture. The vision is to create beautiful books to introduce children to different aspects of South Asian culture, leveraging story-telling, beautiful visual elements, and simple content. The aim is to bring the rich heritage of South Asia into the lives of children, in a more meaningful manner.

Browse through their books and you realize that the founder, Chitwan Mittal has done a fabulous job of immortalizing stories for kids, through picture books. AdiDev Press creates stories that are much more than a simple bedtime read. The illustrations are captivating and the writing is layered and meaningful. They have a book on emotions for toddlers, a series titled, Learning To BE, (about inspiring South Asian personalities),  a prayer book (a translation of the Hanuman Chalisa for kids), and a most creative series of bi-lingual board books.

For their bi-lingual books, they have come up with an interesting and unique way of introducing Hindi alphabets, colours, food, clothing, and musical instruments to toddlers. The titles are J se jalebi, Colours with Radha Krishna, A Pagdi for Sinh, Animal Band, and One Elephant, My Best Friend.

J is for Jalebi is releasing this November. It is an engaging Hindi alphabet book for toddlers. Children will not be able to put it down! Stunning illustrations will make the readers feel the jalebis are literally in their own hands. This book is a must-have for those with foodie babies!  Simply put, just yummy!

Other upcoming books in their bi-lingual series are as follows. One Elephant, My Best Friend introduces children to numbers, through an enjoyable tale of a little boy who spends the entire day with his animal friends, doing fun activities. A Pagdi for Singh introduces children to the vibrancy of South Asian clothing, through an enjoyable tale of 9 forest friends, on a shopping trip for desi clothes. Young children are introduced to the vocabulary of exotic Indian animals and South Asian clothing while having great fun reading this book. The Animal Band is a charming rhyme that introduces children to South Asia’s rich musical heritage, through a charming tale of 9 farm friends that create a music band.

AdiDev Press’ bi-lingual books have fun and simple text, written in verse.  The quirky illustrations will engage both parents and children alike, and keep them coming back for more. Each one of the bi-lingual books is crafted such that the child will be fully immersed in the experience and enjoy it thoroughly.

“As a young adult studying abroad, I would often look for and collect books that were inspiring, magical, and uplifting. Books, that were beautiful to touch and feel. And more importantly, books that did not preach. And, I would long to see this caliber of books with themes from home, with pictures of South Asian children and places. Through our books my main aim is to create this missing genre and to engage and inspire children,” said Founder, Publisher, Chitwan Mittal.

They may be a young publishing house but are succeeding in their mission of creating amazing books which introduce children to our culture. The books have received admiration from the writing community with several children’s writers and children’s bookshops sending words of praise and support for this series.

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