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IndiGo’s security training center license suspended

In a development that can significantly raise operating costs for IndiGo Airlines, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has suspended the budget carrier’s license for its aviation security training facility. The license was suspended after BCAS found serious lapses in the security training procedures being used at IndiGo’s aviation security training facility. The suspension of the license means that IndiGo will not be able to conduct any security training programs for its employees. Since such training is mandatory, IndiGo will have to outsource the training program, which would lead to additional operating costs for the budget carrier.


As per existing aviation regulations, it is mandatory for all scheduled airline companies to provide aviation security training to all its employees including the security staff and cockpit and cabin crew. Such training has to be provided through a BCAS approved facility or a similar authorized center. Airlines often have their own BCAS approved aviation security training centers, as it helps them save costs. Aviation security training has become an important part of the airlines industry, due to the rising threat of terrorism and other forms of extremism.

Meanwhile, IndiGo has replied to media queries, saying that the airline is currently discussing the issue with BCAS and hopes to find a resolution soon.

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