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Indira Gandhi: The powerful PM who symbolizes women empowerment

indira gandhi

If we look into the history of our Nation, we find that despite of huge number of political parties and decades of politics in nation, the number of female leaders is very limited who were able to make their mark in the arena of global politics. One name that emerges as strong female politician of the nation is Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India who is the true mark of women empowerment in the country as well as the world. She was born in India’s most prominent political Nehru-Gandhi family. She followed the steps of her father Jawahar Lal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India and she was also elected as the Prime Minister of India for four consecutive terms from 1966 to 1984 which is the longest tenure for a female Prime Minster throughout the world. It shows the love of people toward Indira Gandhi and the nation had flourished by many folds under here administration. Even today, she is well recognised for her iron-fisted governance and bold political approach. Her efforts toward the development of nation and courageous moves become the source of inspiration for women all over the world. She is admired as one of the most powerful female political leaders that managed to rule a nation in ruin and bring it to the pace of changing global socio-economic scenario to sustain its growth. 

In the early phases of 20th century, when she was criticised for her assertive nature which was considered unacceptably outrageous by Indian society, she set foundation to new standards with her furious actions to encourage other women politicians across the board to pursue suit. Her victory defines the benefits of gaining advantage from the surrounding environment and not letting your gender prevent you to follow your path. Under her administration, she declared the first emergency in 1975 to prevent the internal conflicts in the nation to prevent it from tearing itself apart. Although she was severely opposed by a lot of people, she boldly continues on her path and she was also instrumental in introducing the Garibi Hatao Programme and Green Revolution in the nation which no other leader before her was able to do.

The strong willed and determined nature of Indira Gandhi made it possible for her to challenge and defeat stereotypes at a time when India was not ready to accept a woman leader to rule the nation. She realized it that women participation in the politics is undeniable factor for acquiring peace and prosperity in the country and she has become the source of inspiration for the women of entire nation to come forward and participate in political and other sectors of the country to maintain the balance.

For her endless efforts for the welfare of Indian people, she will be remembered forever as a powerful female leader who introduced India to the global stage and become an inspiration to women all over the world to fight for their rights and empower them to bring out their potential in every segment of society and industry.


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