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Indoor Play Park – Thrill for Children, Breather for Parents!

Indoor Play Park

The concept of Indoor play parks is a boon for young parents and nuclear families, and it is definitely here to stay! An indoor area facilitated with toys, games and equipments for children to play with, an environment that is best guarded and maintained, and an atmosphere that bursts with positivity and liveliness, indoor play zones have a lot to offer to the kids as well as their parents.

In a time when both parents are working and acing a good career, they are often caught contemplating the safety of their kids. Taking them to playgrounds and gardens seems a difficult task owing to the indefinite schedule and work hours. And when the plans for outdoor activities finally falls into place, weathers have played a spoilsport! Therefore, keeping in mind the child’s security and well being, along with taking into account the concern of today’s parents, indoor play parks have mushroomed which have eased the dismal guardians. As important as it is for parents to ensure that their child remains protected, there is also a strong need for children to be involved in activities that teaches, entertains and develops them intellectually.

            Indoor play parks are safe and comfortable zones for parents to introduce their wards to newer people, games, ideas and activities that will encourage them to play and have some good fun time. It is a perfect way to expose kids to latest playoffs and tech-games that are in trend and well updated, while ensures complete supervision by experts from the play parks. A dedicated play zone for kids to jump around and concentrate all their energies on corporal games, these safeguarded parks create a perfect feel of playgrounds but with an addition of added protection and amusement.

            Developed indoor, play parks offer hassle free gaming space, diverse activities, interaction with children from every age group, cushioned and well-kept equipments, toys in vibrant colors, shapes and sizes as well as facilities of restrooms and food court in the peripheral sphere. When children engage in activities like these, it helps develop their brains, social skills, physical fitness and awareness, while also boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

The parents of current generation are extremely particular, conscious and cautious. They want to provide the best for the kids and do not readily compromise. The idea of indoor play parks is evolving well with the parents owing to the number of benefits it offers. Often located in malls or market areas, parents feel contented at leaving their kids at the play parks for a few hours, and go about with their routine or leisure, as per their convenience. They also get some time off to simply unwind shop, eat outside, watch a movie or hang out with friends, with little concern about their beloved kids.

Some play parks also offer party packages and theme celebrations that allow children to live their dream characters and idols, thus also making for a perfect birthday bash destination!

By Mr. Nimish Kenia, Co-Founder Happy Planet

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