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With adverse floods in the region, Indus Towers ensures minimum impact on mobile networks and speedy restoration


Chennai, 17 November 2015: Amidst heavy rainfalls across the entire South of India, especially Tamil Nadu, Indus Towers, the Nation’s largest telecom tower company, has ensured that connectivity through its towers remain unaffected even when accessibility and maintenance of sites is a challenge owing to the heavy downpour. Major areas of Tamil Nadu like Cuddalore, Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Villupuram, Mayiladuthurai, and Chennai among the key areas affected by heavy rainfalls.

Working on its mission of ‘Putting India First’, the field operations team of Indus Towers has put in tremendous efforts to ensure mobile communication services are least impacted. The company is working with the locals to help the distressed in every possible way by ensuring round-the-clock connectivity for them to reach out to the authorities as-well-as their near-and-dear ones. Indus is also working very closely with the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to mitigate the situation and helping them get life back-on-track.

Indus Towers operates through a strong network of 13,000 towers through the state of Tamil Nadu and despite major power disruptions across these areas, impacting over 4200 sites in the area, Indus on-ground teams have been working round the clock to restore normalcy by keeping the sites running via diesel refill. The power restoration work on outskirts of Chennai and the rest of Tamil Nadu is expected to take another 48 hours.

Sharing his views, Mr. Siva Rao, Circle CEO – Tamil Nadu, Indus Towers Ltd. said, “Indus Towers has always adhered to its responsibility towards the people across the nation, as well as in the region, by ensuring hassle-free connectivity to mitigate the damage during any unfortunate calamity. Our ground teams are working round the clock to ensure that we continue to provide uninterrupted telecommunications network. We are working tirelessly to restore the communications infrastructure and therefore will remain committed towards maintaining uninterrupted coverage in the affected areas as well as the rest of the state.”

The teams have been on alert and have been servicing round the clock from 8 November, onwards. A total of 550 people from Indus and operator companies in Chennai, Coimbatore and each affected zone, are working together on the ground and constantly monitoring the situation. Apart from ensuring minimum downtime and restoring network availability, Indus is also working closely with state and local authorities towards restoring normalcy to everyday life in the region.

In order to ensure speedy restoration, the Indus Towers team has worked on several fronts to ensure that connectivity is restored in the affected areas in the shortest possible time. With greater focus on diesel filling to keep the sites running, additional 64 diesel vehicles have been deployed in affected areas with the additional vehicles pressed in coastal area for emergency and for enabling teams to reach the affected sites. Indus’ on-ground team has also been equipped with the emergency spares along with mobilizing additional manpower from neighboring locations to sustain the process.

Indus Towers understands that mobile communication has become essential to our lives and a survival necessity. Especially in times of crisis, the need to stay connected gains paramount importance. Realizing the need for continued communication support in the hour of crisis, Indus Towers, has ensured that telecom towers are continuously up and running, so that people of the state can reach out to their loved ones when they need to stay connected the most.   

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