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The world of metal doors is very wide, and if we talk about doors for large warehouses, warehouses, etc., it is important to be familiar with the different options that exist, and that facilitate the daily work. In this way, companies can make a decision on the door that best suits the needs of their activity.

Below we list the most common industrial metal doors and recommended to install as input and output of a warehouse…

Industrial 2-leaf swing door: it is the most used in buildings of an industrial nature (ships, factories, etc.). Its operation is based on two sheets that when opened are folded, controlled at all times by counterweights. They can be manufactured with counterweight on one side or on both sides. This type of door, like all industrial doors, can be manufactured manually or automatically.

It stands out for its functionality due to its easy handling and smoothness, for its robustness as it is a packed in structure, for its durability, its wide range of automatisms and its comfort to be able to automate them adapting to all types of use.

Industrial guillotine doors: bases its operation on leaves that rise up and down by the action of the counterweights, staying one behind the other. They are the best solution for closing large gaps. The Industrial Guillotine Door can be one or several sheets and require free space above the hole to accommodate the sheets. Likewise, all doors have a safety system that prevents the leaves from falling in case of cable breakage.

Advantages: Functionality due to its trouble-free handling and smoothness, robustness due to its compact structure, durability, adaptation to the work lintel based on the number of sheets, possibility of lifting the upper leaf for ventilation of the nave and the existence of a free space of passage that It is hidden behind the walls.

Industrial sliding door: this type of door is specially designed for large spaces such as a hangar. It consists of one or more leaves that slide laterally towards one or both sides. Like the guillotines, you can leave all the work space free, as long as you have enough space to house the sheet (s) once it has been opened. It can be hung or smoothly supported and be located inside or outside the hole.

It is characterized by its safety, different finishes, its adaptation to any type of measurements and its convenience in both manual and automatic opening.

Industrial sectional door: provides different solutions in its standard, semi guillotine and guillotine versions, as well as the possibility of adaptation to the roof. This achieves a very high level of aesthetics and functionality, use of space in width and height, adaptation of guide to roof and thermal and acoustic insulation.

After this complete and perfect explanation of each of the industrial metal doors, it will be easier to know which door is best suited to the place and of course the work that is done every day in the company.

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