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Influence of my favorite movie on me


Why do we love movies? It’s because they make us believe in something. Despite us knowing that it’s not real we still believe in them, get inspired from them. That’s the impact of a good movie. For me there has been one movie which has always kept me inspired and there is still a lot left for me to gain from it despite watching it over 50 times.

The movie which I will be describing about is not only critically acclaimed but has garnered its ever-growing fan following since its release. The movie is based on a novel. Whosoever read the novel never thought that it could be portrayed on a canvass. That just shows the hard work of the team helming this project.

The reason I like this movie is because it’s not just thought provoking but teaches me something new each time I watch it. Very few movies can claim to have such an impact. “Hunger can change everything you ever thought you knew about yourselves hushes an exasperated voice, coming from a boy stranded on an ocean. Tells you that depth of the thoughts of the character left stranded on an ocean with a tiger. When the boy lost all hopes of making it back and surrendered himself to God. God gave him rest (in form of a floating island) and a reason to continue his journey. It was only after that Pi decided to embark on the endless journey or keep on trying until he reaches a shore. All these instances make one believe in the eternal power of God.

The movie’s strength lies in nurturing an unbelievably realistic bond between the tiger and the boy. Both struggling hard to survive. The fear of tiger keeps the boy at alert making him aware of his journey. At the end of the movie one gets to understand that without the tiger the miraculous survival would have been impossible. The faith in God kept the boy believing in his endless ordeal. Despite not recognizing, God was always there for him, giving him rest when he wanted and indication when he should continue on his journey. On reaching the land the boy’s legs start to tremble, with him thinking that he would drown even in two feet water (despite having survived over 200 days in an ocean). The boy devoid of any energy falls on the ground with his cheek touching the soft sand of the beach. The tiger jumps off the boat, stretches himself and keeps gazing at the forest ahead. The boy believing that the tiger will turn back or nod his head, somehow bringing the relationship to an end. But the tiger kept staring towards the jungle and went into the forest without looking back. The boy started crying profusely, not because he was happy that he survived, although he was, but the tiger left him so unceremoniously. All that the boy wanted was a good-bye gesture, that he and the tiger survived, that it’s over now, it’s time to bring an end to this journey.

But the real surprise lies in the interpretation of the movie. The ordeal between the tiger and the boy is same as there is between a human being and his anger/hatred. The tiger here is projection of his inner hatred. Because tiger comes out for the first only when the orangutan was attacked by the hyena. The boy trains the tiger just as we train our anger to get the best out of us. When the tiger leaves him and the boy cries is symbolic of the fact that its very difficult to let go of your anger when it has brought you so much of success (success here meaning –“both of them having survived”). But you have to let go of it else it will consume you. In the same way as Pi had to let go of his anger prevalent by the fact that the grown-up Pi is a calm and a peaceful figure.

The boy had immense love for the tiger since his childhood (when the tiger was in his father’s zoo).He always believed that what he saw in the tiger’s eyes was more than his own reflection, he knew it, he feltit, even if he couldn’t prove it. He believed in this even when his father believed that the reflection nothing but just his feelings towards the animal. The movie keeps you surprising and guessing and is open to interpretation.But the director answers almost all of your questions and make you believe in something which one can’t forget ever.

I guess by now you must have guessed the movie. It makes me believe in God, It makes me believe in his miracles , it instills a feeling of hope and above all and most important it makes me believe that one should never lose that hope.

By: Deep Chaudhary

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