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Influencer-CampaignsDisruptive ideas and concepts have revolutionized today’s information and technology driven world. Among the notable disruptive Influencer newspatrollingplatforms that have come to garner a sizable following in recent times is Enabling an effective bridge that connects brands and bloggers, Influencer has successfully transcended the conventional marketing ecosystem. Influencer’s dynamic, technology driven platform has enabled a synergistic relationship between brands and bloggers, wherein they now have every bit of control over marketing initiatives and work together as a team to reprogram consumer mindsets and create altogether new perceptions. Brands and bloggers have been here for quite some time, but Influencer came in as the final piece of the puzzle; creating a near-perfect plane of opportunities for all stakeholders involved. This triad of brands,, and bloggers has revolutionized how brands connect and interact with their target audience.

As a blogger, I would recommend to both established as well as new bloggers. Based on my experience working with Influencer, I can say that it’s the easiest way to access a plethora of brands. As an established blogger, you can strengthen your marketability by associating your blog with top brands. If you have set certain targets, rest assured that something you would normally achieve in, say 5 years, can easily be done in 2-3 years or even less when you register with The same applies to new bloggers, as Influencer provides them the crucial breakthrough that they need in their career as a blogger. Many new bloggers tend to give up due to lack of available projects, a problem that Influencer can solve quite effectively. The stress and challenges faced by new bloggers is phenomenal, something that works like survival of the fittest. Influencer helps new bloggers in their evolutionary journey, by creating a favorable ecosystem, where bloggers can thrive and prosper.

Among the many good things I noticed during my association with Influencer is the steady flow of projects that come your way. Barring a few, rare periods of dullness, Influencer almost always has projects on offer from several of the leading brands in the industry. This ensures that you constantly have lucrative projects to work on. Moreover, it also helps ensure that your blog page never runs dry and your readers have something new and interesting to read on a regular basis. This is quite important for bloggers, who may be focusing exclusively on their blog page to provide maximum value to their readers. With a steady stream of projects, they can focus on their content rather than worrying about the business aspects of their blogging career.

Another good thing about is that bloggers are paid quite handsomely for their efforts. Since they work directly with brands, through Influencer, the payment is far better than anything possible anywhere else, or through any other medium. A good payment system is one of the key advantages available with Influencer. Normally, bloggers spend quite a significant amount of their productive time searching for projects, which is not helpful to them from a monetary perspective. However, when working with Influencer, they can spend more time on their content strategies and do not have to worry about securing the right payment. Established bloggers can always expect to earn megabucks, if their blog is phenomenally good and has top readership.

Influencer also helps bloggers to focus on their areas of expertise. It does not ask bloggers to work on any project that’s available, but rather, provides them options that they can choose from. With a wide variety of projects available under several categories such as Auto, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel, Parenting, Food, Investment, etc. bloggers can choose the ones that they are comfortable with. The situation is not like other mediums where a blogger might be forced to work on any project that comes their way, irrespective of whether it’s as per their liking or not. The Influencer platform helps bloggers strengthen their core areas of expertise, all while, ensuring that they get paid for the great efforts they put in every project.

Moreover, the entire process is fairly straightforward. Once the client approves the content, the payment is automatically released to bloggers. If there are some changes suggested by the client, bloggers are given adequate time to make those changes. It’s as simple as that.

Overall, I would say that variety of projects, option to choose, good payment, and reliability are primary reasons why bloggers should associate with


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