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Infographic: 5 Distribution trends to watch for in 2015


London, 25 February, 2015: eRevMax, the leading hospitality technology and distribution provider to the hospitality industry has released an infographic focusing key insights on 5 Distribution trends to watch for in 2015. Based on various market research, the results show that big data, use of analytics, content personalization and mobile bookings continue to move and shake the industry in the upcoming months.

With poor data causing up to 25% operation revenue loss, it has become imperative for hoteliers to understand guest buying behaviors, price elasticity and changing market dynamics for yielding the optimum rate from the most desired consumer set. With advanced analytics, hotels can improve their revenue by 10 – 20%. The infographic shows how business intelligence has become crucial for the hospitality industry to analyze rates, market scenarios, competitor activities, historical and trending data for achieving optimum results.

The mobile market is supposed to grow by 4.7% to 4.77 billion users in 2015 and further by 3.9% to 4.95 billion users in 2016. With 2 in every 5 booking coming from mobile, the platform has taken a center stage and now being considered as a separate channel which needs special focus from traditional hotel marketing.

The infographic shows 52% of online shoppers today use multiple devices to complete purchase, and 45% of online travellers carrying at least two connected devices while traveling. To keep up with this trend, hotels need to embrace responsive web platforms to offer a global experience and track individual-personalized behavior within and across channels for developing valuable insights on consumer behavior and draw an effective marketing strategy.

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