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Innovative ways to detox and de-stress without leaving your city

detox your body

The digital boom has completelytransformed the thoughts, needs, and socio-behavioural responses of millennials. However, the same digital world that accelerates the modern day social and work life also mandates an equally immersive detox from a life on the World Wide Web.

Both, GenX and millennials want to relax and rejuvenate on a daily basis after their workinghours and on weekends in their home cities without undergoing the hassle of planning and executing a vacation to a far-away location.

Here are few ideasto relax and unwind in your own city without having to shell outbig bucks foran exotic vacation.

  • Attend food and wine tasting festivals:More and more Indians are seeking to invigorate their taste buds with different food varieties and interesting cuisines in a novel environment. An example is the Bandra Wine festival held in Mumbai which includes art exhibitions and live performances along with a wine-tasting contest. Another much awaited festival is the National Street food Festival in Delhi which offers an interesting mix of popular street food from all corners of the country such as pav bhaji from Mumbai, poochka from Kolkata, kachoris from Jaipur etc. New Delhi’s Grub Fest is another hit amongst the crowd where the signature delicacies of the most-sought-after chefs in the countryare infused with live music performances.Even co-working spaces like GoWork are organizing wine tasting sessions in their campus to help employees de-stress. Many offices are also organizing DIY cooking sessions andchef contests.
  • Explore stimulating live entertainment events: Millennials love to spend their Saturday evenings watching a music, dance, poetry, or comedy performance instead of a two hour motion film. Live shows with a mass appeal such as Navrasa Duende’s emotionally compelling theatrical classical- The Swan Lake Ballet andShapoorji Pallonji’s Disney Aladdin have been a big hit in India. Another festival which encourages a cross-culture pollination is the Delhi International Arts Festival which is inclusive of 30 participating countries. India Art Festival is another such fair which creates a unique space for creativity, art and transformation, by bringing together art galleries, art dealers, and independent artists.
  • Restore work-life balance with yoga and wellness sessions:The shifting nature of stresses at the workplace and in the complex and layered personal life of the average person has necessitated long-lasting blissful relaxation which restores balance in one’s life. Youcan immerse yourselfin suchwellness programmes and experiences in India including yoga retreats, Ayurveda therapies, transcendental meditation, and spa treatments. These wellness programmes are often set in palm-roofed villas, beachside locations, or lush rain forests, and are facilitated by trained healers, holistic medicine experts, and cultural directors. You can evenpick options like farm-fresh cooking and lodging in a forest. These retreats help facilitate health and happiness in a warm and healing environment.
  • De-stress with a scenic boating tour:Boating is another water-based leisurely activity which is a popular choice among people. Boating in yourcity presents a chance to unwind and relax while witnessing lush green landscapes and the exquisite beauty of lake waters. Youcouldeven opt for a boating tour at the Damdama Lake for a weekend getaway from the chaotic and noisy city of Delhi. Moreover, if youwant to learn something new in your free time, you can attend gardening workshops in the city which offer a comprehensive guide on growing healthy seedlings, preparing one’s own compost and fertilizers, using tools, weeding strategies etc.
  • Spend a night watching movies under the stars: As the young and old alike are showing an increasing affinity for spending an evening chilling and interacting in an outdoor environment, this has finally resulted in the emergence of pop-up cinemas in India. These allow youto watch yourfavourite cult classics or horror films under the stars in a garden or on a rooftop instead of a dark and dull movie hall. Additionally, these events are high on the fun-and-fusion quotient because of mini acts by DJs, food trucks offering amazing finger-food, live music shows etc. There are tonnes of such immersive movie screenings in amphitheatres and campsites in cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai etc.which provide anideal space to lie on a comfy bean bag and engage in star-gazing.
  • Level up your fitness by running in a marathon: Modern day India that aspires to be fit, is also showing a bend towards rejuvenating and testing their stamina by running full and half marathons. There are also numerous marathons suited for senior citizens which allow them to beat all odds and showcase their rigour. Running a marathon in yourown city allowsyouto experience the beauty of the heritage sites and beaches in a different way, engage in healthy competition with others, and challenge yourselfto do something out of the ordinary. These athletic long-distance endurance races are held not only in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai but also in Surat, Hyderabad, Pune, and Ladakh.
  • Take your pet along wherever you go: With the emergence of the modern day animal-friendly workforce, there is a rise in events that allow one to spend a fun-filled day pampering their pets with food and play in a suitable environment. Since most office spaces do not allow pets, GoWork’s co-working campus in Delhi, provides pet-friendly space and even hosts Pet Play Daysto de-stress the employees who seldom find time for their pets. Moreover, there are trade fairs offering grooming workshops for pets, showcasing pet products, and acting as medium for sellers to meet potential buyers such as the India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF).
  • Immerse in luxury ride around your city:People these days are averse to spending large amounts of money on buying luxury cars and prefer substituting them with self and chauffeur-driven vehicles for inter and intra-city transportation. One can opt for renting a high-comfort vehicle installed with professional drivers and GPS, from domain experts such as Eco Rent a Car which provide luxury vehicles like Limousine, Mercedes Sprinter and luxury Volvo coaches for an executive class travel experience in metros as well as tier II cities such as Jaipur, Lucknow, Goa, Ahmedabad etc.

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