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Inputs from Kushal Nahata, Co-Founder & CEO, FarEye

FarEye_KNKushal Nahata is the Co-Founder & CEO of FarEye, a Distributed Workforce Management Platform. After completing his graduation from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in 2009, he,together with his batchmates Gautam Kumar and Gaurav Srivastava, co-founded Roboticwares Private Limited in 2009 which was into GPS Tracking and security system.

In 2013 they co-founded FarEye, a distributed Workforce Management Platform to cater to the needs of the large and unorganised mobile workforce segment. 

Please share insights about your career journey so far

He started his entrepreneurial journey by handling projects for elite organisations like Adani group, Rocket Internet, GAIL, Indian Oil. He designed each client’s workflow personally giving his clients a unique solution that addressed their operational pain points.  Kushal doesn’t believe in a ‘one solution fits all’ mantra – he believes that each client has unique requirements and should be provided with a tailor – made solution to address critical operational challenges.  He personally designed the workflow of the organisation and implemented his strategies in solving their pain-points.

Details of the projects he handled during 2009 – 2013:

(i) Supply and maintenance of GPS tracking system for MMU-NRHM Assam

(ii) Fleet Management for Adani group

(iii) Compliance & Litigation system for GAIL

(iv) Trip Management and Information Systems for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation 

Please give a brief about your personal side apart from the work responsibilities that you handle (association with any NGO, how do you spend your leisure time, positive qualities that you possess, hobbies etc.)

Kushal  Nahata is a passionate dreamer, runner, traveller and a photographer. He believes in having a balanced and a healthy lifestyle, and he engages himself in running races and exploring photography. Also., he encourages his team to work on their interests and have a healthy lifestyle. This ardent lover of photography gets immersed in nature photography whenever he gets time.

What was the gap/opportunity in the market that made you start this venture?

The three co-founders Gautam Kumar, Kushal Nahata & Gaurav Srivastava were brainstorming on few business models. The three co-founders wanted to address a genuine issue and solve real problems – understanding that hardware could be damaged and destroyed by its users they figured a software that could keep key stakeholders in the loop was the need of the hour. With e-commerce gaining popularity the biggest challenge was being faced by their logistics partners with regards to LMD – visibility of fulfilment status, customer demands and reverse logistics were major pain points that were yet to be cured.

The plan was brainstormed with the GoJavas team and was sold immediately – thus, FarEye was developed after getting its first client on board.  It started off as a solution to solve the critical LMD issues but FarEye’s versatility & customizability made it conducive to any organization with distributed workforce.  One day as usual they were in their office and randomly they were discussing on the courier challenges they see and the experience they faced etc. An idea  triggered in their brains and they spoke to Rocket Internet venture Jabong about the idea. Then Jabong’s team immediately agreed to buy the product and this is how FarEye was sold without even making it.  All this happened in July 2013 and there was no looking back.

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