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Insight into Polki Jewellery – Desire of Every Women

polki jewellery

Polki jewellery is a pride of every woman owning any piece of jewellery- from a light weight ring to a heavy polki necklace. Polki symbolises the royals as it has been the prime preference of royals and is now a dream across the globe. Loved by folks on ethnic, Indo western as well as western attires, polki jewellery is most popular amongst brides as the uncut diamond of polka adds to the beauty of brides millions time more than any other style of jewellery.

 Uncut diamond forms the core of Polki jewellery as diamonds used in it are mined in most natural way without any lab technique for enhancement. The natural and uncut diamond in Polki jewellery is the ruling element that makes it most loved form of jewellery.

This precious type of jewellery is not easy to afford and you need to reduce handsome amount from your credit card.  With creativity of jewellers on heights, this kind of  jewellery has undergone beautiful changes in numerous distinct ways that has made it to be the prime choice amidst other precious handicrafts.

Origin of Polki

Polki, traditional art form of ancient India that gained fame during the Mughal Era, is said to have origin even before thousands of years.  Though there is no evidence and credible information regarding its origin, yet is said to have evolved in Bikaner, a beautiful city of Rajasthan. This fine art later travelled to different parts of the country.

Polki jewellery comes in different sorts. Originally, polki jewellery was made out of uncut diamonds without working on their shape and shine. The enamel job done by the craftsmen in this kind of jewellery adds colour and glimmer to the jewels. These uncut diamonds used in crude form have a dissimilar and absolutely captivating beauty to them. Polki is expensive than other jewellery like Kundan in which glass is used in place of diamonds in raw form.

Technique and making of Polki Jewellery

The initial form of Polki was primarily crafted out of uncut diamonds. Any other form of metal was not utilised in the designing process.

All the Polki Jewellery necklaces have uncut diamonds as one of the centre elements. These Polki stones are arranged in gold using lac and foils of pure gold. The foil basically gives a base and holds the polka stones all together and makes them stay in place. Neither has the beauty of polki changed, nor its technique over the period. Crafted with hands, uncut stones are fixed on 24 carat gold to form a master piece.

Sometimes rubies, diamonds, emeralds and other gemstones are put together with uncut diamond in all Polki jewellery designs. The making of Polki involves expertise and skills.   Families with ancestral job of Polki making are still continuing their ancestral legacy in western states of India, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Value of Polki Jewellery

Polki Jewellery is quite luxurious. Mainly, because of the intricate use of stones and diamonds, the fact that they use gold as a base requires lot of dedication and skill. That is why it is created by skilled craftsman who knows how to create a master piece. They are priced on various factors like cut, colour, clarity and carat. Due to all these reasons, Polki is usually highly priced than Kundan or other form of jewellery.


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