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InstaLift – Exclusively at Lumiere Dermato

Noticing the signs of ageing? Seeing sagging skin and don’t know what to do about it? InstaLift is here for you!  We at Lumiere Dermatology understand your needs. We know that you want to have tighter skin,  especially whenever there is an important event like a wedding or a party to attend. Also, we know about your need to have a process that is quick, painless, safe, non-invasive and with no downtime. To cater to all of these requirements, Dr. Lohia has designed the new cutting edge technology “INSTALIFT”, which can give you a tightened, youthful look just before any event, party or function.

This treatment is an instant way to tighten your skin without any side effects, risk or pain! InstaLift is a quick light anti-aging facial that can make you look younger in under 40 minutes. No side effects, no risks and gentle on the skin, it can be done for any skin type and is ideal for mild sagging. Another Lumiere Exclusive innovated specifically for men and women on the go, the Instalift facial can be done in under 40 minutes with zero downtime or risk to instantly tighten the face, making you look immediately younger. Men and women are exceedingly concerned with sagging nowadays, hence they increasingly demand this popular treatment. Instalift uses MegaHertz radio waves to tighten existing collagen while stimulating new collagen formation. These natural waves literally tell your sagging skin to wake up, and instantly rejuvenate tired and sagging folds. Those lines and grooves by your nose and mouth? A common issue for men and women alike, and men are exceedingly worried by it. The Instalift facial solves this issue. The best part is that while it tightens the skin, it also increases collagen synthesis, ultimately making your skin more youthful and healthier!

There are no precautions or side effects with this treatment, and it typically lasts anywhere from 1- 6 months depending on the severity of your sagging. Typically, people prefer to get it done approximately every 1 month for improving results. And, after 8-10 sessions, the lift can prove to be more long-lasting. Of course we can’t stop you from ageing, but Lumiere’s innovative and exclusive technology can surely help reverse existing damage from ageing.

How Does InstaLift Work?

InstaLift uses MegaHertz radio waves to tighten skin. As the MegaHertz waves penetrate various layers of skin, they experience natural resistance, and skin heats up from this resistance to the MegaHertz waves just like an electric wire which becomes hot from the resistance to the flow of electrons. This stimulates collagen production within the skin. The more collagen is produced, the tighter the skin becomes. In one session, the existing collagen will get tighter so you will see instant results. But, for a more permanent result, you can consider stronger treatments or you should keep in mind that the long-term results will be gradual, as your body’s tissues respond to the treatment and the targeted heat.

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-Dr. Kiran Lohia, Celebrity Dermatologist, Lumiere Dermatology


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