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Interaction with nature interaction with ourselves and our family. Because, nature is equal to our parents. Mother carry us only 9months and Father carry us up to our life settlement. But nature will carry us from first breath to last breath. Nature giving us everything. It doesn’t want anything from us. But we, without any Thankful we cruelly destroy our nature (ourselves and our future). Once upon a time, we receive our needs from nature up to some limit. But year to year due to development we are destroying our nature. It is not correct. There are so many greenery lands in olden days, but, now-a-days, it is very difficult to find small area of green land. We dig land for ‘minerals’, ‘ores’, ‘coal’, etc. If we continue this, there is no place, even to bury our dead bodies. We, destroy trees for wood, medicine purpose. OK, it’s good but, destroys it without any limit. That’s why so many ‘animals’, ‘insects’, ‘birds’ depending upon that trees are disappearing. In olden days, in every house there is one ‘sparrow’, but present generation don’t know about sparrow. If we continue like this, our future generation will see ‘crow’ in albums. We discover many scientific medicines. But we dissolve that waste materials into water. We throw plastic materials into water.

We learn so many lessons from nature. In nature, there are different types of animals, birds, trees, insects, forests, some water falls, all are different, but their relationship is unique, because there is no partiality between them. But we divide us with continents, countries, religion, caste, color, status etc. there are so many. Why this happens? If nature separates air, water, for particular people, in world there is no single human being exists.

Everyone want to swim in nature water. Our fathers, grandfathers share their childhood with us very happily. But, you observe keenly while telling about that, some unwanted feeling occurs them. Because, those situations are not occurring today. Even though so many present generation kids don’t show interest on bath. This Is the present situation. Definitely we will not experience our father’s happiest moment. Me too….

We only spoil our nature. Our parents give this valued property to us, as a human being it is our responsible to handover this property to our future. Nobody teach you anything, it is our minimum common sense to protect nature. If anyone spoil you house, you fight against them. Like that, if any anyone destroys our nature fight them, if possible kill them. I think there is no criminal case for this. You know split on Road is bad thing, but we do like that only. Paper bags are very useful to nature, but we use plastic bags.

Because if we use paper bags everyone insults us. Don’t bother about them. They are the people who are the killers of nature. Cutting a tree, no problem, then plant a tree same place. For birthday Occasion we spent so much of money for party and waste food items and water. Instead of chocolates distribute everyone a seed, at least one pupil, and make tree plantation as party. If you any unwanted waste food items pack them and distribute to poor people. Use our legs for some time, it improves our health and nature life. Otherwise, finally, for decreasing our weight we will run for hundreds of miles. Don’t use unnecessary power and so many things which we know, but we don’t follow. We definitely pay fine to nature. Be careful…!

If we do like this within few years we only create a new world. After reading this, so many people may funny comments and take it as a Tom and Jerry story. But, it is true. If this inspire any one my feeling is fulfilled. “Because a great revolution starts from a single step”

Mother, Father and Nature are ever permanent up to our last breath…



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