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“You buy your dream home, create the basic necessities, you have already spent a fortune of your savings, yet the most important part of the process, the home decor, is still pending. This is a common problem faced by everyone that is hard to tackle. You don’t need to cramp your style because you’ve got to keep the strings on your purse tight. You just need to be smart while decorating your home. Cost is the most important issue we tackle in design” says Yamini Agarwal Owner H5 Design
There are some specifics that must be kept in mind before starting to plan your home décor budget. The first step is to put everything on paper and get organized. One must plan the decor and make a list of requirements. If possible, draw a sketch of your space and roughly demarcate the position of every item you want. This will help you verify how much you have in mind and how much your space can take in. Break down the project into its components – flooring, furniture, paint, accessories and décor. Once you’ve broken it all down, give each component a budget and try to stick to it. Refer to magazines and the internet to figure out what style you would like to emulate, and then you can go ahead with your house decorating.
Divide your list into wants and needs. Deal with the needs first. Prioritize by creating the shell of the space with the essentials on the list. For example, you need to buy a sofa before you want to add side table lamps. Loose furnishings and artefacts can be added later as they are elements that can be collected with time.

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