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{Interview} Manpreet Kaur, Food Blogger

lomQ. When was the first time you thought of choosing blogging as a career?

I never thought about it as a career. I just loved to share my views and perspective about different things. I juggled between various blogs and then, ended up with Finix Post. I never planned to make it a career but by the time, I finished my college, I realized I was making more money than what I was offered during campus placements. What else did I need? I could work from home, from wherever I wanted to and I could do what I love. So, I have stuck with blogging ever since.

Q. What are your plans for your own line?

Over the past year, I have segregated my work and hence, my focus on my main brand has decreased. So, my plans are to increase the traffic to my blog at least 10 times as of now and then make it a multi-author site that people follow for reviews, important advice and meaningful discussions.

Q. If you are granted a wish of waking up one day to be someone of your choice, who would that be? & Why?

I would like to be myself. Because, it’s no easy to be as messed as I am and still be able to live a nearly normal life. My life has taught me so much and each day is a lesson. So, I want to be myself and keep learning.

Q. What is your favourite way to pass time?

I love to read books and weave stores. Most of the times I am reading books and then creating stories in my head.

Q. What is the first thing in the morning that you do after you wake up?

To be truthful, I just sit and say ‘good morning’. Suddenly, a huge tongue comes on my face and licks it all over (courtesy: my dog). That’s how I begin my mornings and that’s the best way to do it – you realize you’re loved so much. You’re bound to have a great day ahead.

Q. Whom do you see as your role model?

I am a pretty weird person when it comes to picking role models. I have so many of them and some of them can be found sitting in matchbox sized shops selling normal products. I observe people and a lot of them are my role models for their specific skills.

Q. What is your idea of a relaxing day, spending time at home or hanging out with your friends?

I love spending time at home. Although that’s pretty much what I do every day but a relaxing break is different. I cut myself off from internet and spend times in reading books, cooking food and writing in my diary.

Q. What was the biggest risk that you ever took?

It was January 2015. I got selected in 5 companies and I knew I was going to join one. But the joining date of the first one came too early. It just spoiled my plans of having few relaxing months after college. Ultimately, I decided to not join any company. I was so scared and uncertain. I am a person who craved for being self-dependent even when my parents are pretty well-off. It scared me to death to think of what if I have no money to pay my bills the next month. That was the biggest risk and learning for me.

Q. What is your mantra in life?

“If you want to do something, just do it.”

There may be hundred reasons why you couldn’t do it – less resources, no knowledge, no support and what not, but one reasons that you WANT to do it is enough to get you started.

Q. Quick questions:

o   Street/junk food or five star hotels? Street food.

o   Family becomes friend-like or friends become family-like? Friends become family-like

o   Exploring the interiors of India or visiting the wonders of the world abroad? Exploring the interiors of India

o   Saaree or LBD (little black dress)? Can I say a comfy old t-shirt and a worn out pair of denims?

o   Bollywood movies/songs or Hollywood movies/songs? Hollywood T.V. shows and movies based on books.

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