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{Interview} Nupur Singh, PR expert

893313_528543373854503_1904049813_oQ. When was the first time you thought of starting up your own firm?
A: Around a year back, when I was working with a startup agency, and was responsible for end to end tasks, I realized I was actually capable of doing it all. Hence I thought, if I myself is doing everything, why not own one? It was the that the idea sparked and I thought of materializing my dream.

It was obviously not possible to do it alone, so I asked one of my friends to partner with me in the venture. We started work, and now we are running a growing business together.

Q. What are your plans for your own line?
A: The plan is always to move up the ladder by winning newer clients and expanding our business in more domains. So far, we have only witnessed a upward moving graph for our business, and will try to keep up the momentum always.

Q. If you are granted a wish of waking up one day to be someone of your choice, who would that be? Why?
A: Can’t really think of anything right now… Nothing specifically though.. Some sort of a princess maybe.. 😀

Q. What is your favourite way to pass time?
A: Cooking. It is a therapy for me. After a day full of meetings, ideation, and client calling, cooking is the best way for me to unwin tryd and relax. It really works wonders for me. Cooking is something that I have always liked (since childhood) and on Sundays are fixed days for me to try making new dishes at home.

Q. What is the first thing in the morning that you do after you wake up?
A: Have my turmeric tea. It is part of my weight loss regime 😉 It really keep me up and energized whole day. I find it better than green tea.

Q. Whom do you see as your role model?
A: All the successfully running PR companies. The idea is to have a successful company with a lot of scope for ideation and experimentation.

Q. What is your idea of a relaxing day, spending time at home or hanging out with your friends?
A: Spending time at home, any day. I can sleep endlessly and love to cook in free time. Hence, moving out of home on free days, only happens if it is actually needed.

Q. What was the biggest risk that you ever took?
A: Leaving my secure job at almost the highest peak of my career, and doing a startup venture. It was life-risking, yet something I will always be proud of.

Q. What is your mantra in life?
A: Do not expect any favours from others, and you will be a happy and content person. It is only ourselves who can help us sail through difficult times, and actually rejoice when celebrating.

Q. Quick questions:
1.) Street/junk food or five star hotels?

A: Street/junk food

2.)Family becomes friend-like or friends become family-like?
A: Family becomes friend-like

3.)Exploring the interiors of India or visiting the wonders of the world abroad?
A: Exploring the interiors of India

4.)Saaree or LBD (little black dress)?

5.) Bollywood movies/songs or Hollywood movies/songs?
A: Bollywood movie/songs

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