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{Interview} Sarath Babu, one of best blogger of India

14358702_10157400366030587_3219270976978865407_n-1Q. When was the first time you thought of choosing blogging as a career?

A) It was back in 2010. What began as a participation in the contest had eventually pushed me to take this as a full time career from 2012.

Q. What are your plans for your own line?

A) My plans are simple. Write a blog post till I live and also make sure that my blog post is read across all the nations in the world which has already been received in some 105 nations.

Q. If you are granted a wish of waking up one day to be someone of your choice, who would that be? & Why?

A) It would be Steve Jobs. The reason is -> I would have written a diary confirming my other legendary designs and details before my death to be benefitting my(Apple) customers (Read it as said by Steve Jobs).

Q. What is your favourite way to pass time?

A) Gardening. Star Gazing. Nature Watch and Travel.

Q. What is the first thing in the morning that you do after you wake up?

A) Reading the India’s Leading English Newspapers – Times of India and The Hindu

Q. Whom do you see as your role model?

A) Dr APJ Abdul Kalam – Then, Now and Always.

Q. What is your idea of a relaxing day, spending time at home or hanging out with your friends?

A) It would always be spending time and home because on the other days, I have an ample opportunity to spend it with my friends 🙂

Q. What was the biggest risk that you ever took?

A) Leaving my lucrative 4 days work, 3 days off highly paying job for my dream to pursue Civil Services which did not work out but had opened avenues to my other dreams – Blogging.

Q. What is your mantra in life?

A) Be Honest – Honesty will take it long course to make you achieve the success but it will help you in retaining it thereafter, once you reached it.

Q. Quick questions:

o   Street/junk food or five star hotels? Street Food (Provided they are properly sheltered and covered).

o   Family becomes friend-like or friends become family-like? – It’s the former – Family becomes friend-like as I always considered my parents, better half and my sis as my good friend.

o   Exploring the interiors of India or visiting the wonders of the world abroad? – Both actually because I do not want to restrict myself to any particular geographic location.

o   Saaree or LBD (little black dress)? – Wrong Question 😉

o   Bollywood movies/songs or Hollywood movies/songs? – I prefer Hollywood over Bollywood because of various reasons – theme, originality, technology, passion and many.

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