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{Interview} UK, Food Blogger

Q. When was the first time you thought of choosing blogging as a career?

A. I have blogged since 2008, but I took to serious blogging some 4 years back.

Q. What are your plans for your own line?

A. I plan to make Fashionablefoodz a brand, which every person having some remote connection with Kitchen could associate with. This I presume would take another 5 years, but I am slowly getting there.

Q. If you are granted a wish of waking up one day to be someone of your choice, who would that be? & Why?

A. I Love the style of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Chef Ranveer Brar so obviously if it is related to food, I would love to wake up like one of them some day.

Q. What is your favorite way to pass time?

A. I love constructing recipes and improving the existing ones.

Q. What is the first thing in the morning that you do after you wake up?

A. Go back for another short nap. Ha ha . On a serious note, I plan my day as soon as I get up because I have Blogging, social media, my own work commitments and Social Work which I am committed to as a Human Rights Activist, to look at. So I have to plan my day in the morning itself.

Q. Whom do you see as your role model?

A. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Ranveer Brar, Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Vicky Ratnani, Chef Vikas Khanna and of course Chef Saransh Goila are some of the people around whom I really appreciate in the food Industry. The Food Bloggers which I follow are Naturally Ella, Minimalist Baker, Food heaven made easy and of course our own Indian Rushina Ghildiyal apart from News Patrolling Team which keeps me updated on all happening in the Bloggers world.

Q. What is your idea of a relaxing day, spending time at home or hanging out with your friends?

A. A beach house Grilled food party where obviously someone else cooks and feeds me.

Q. What was the biggest risk that you ever took?

A. Many in life and I always continue doing that.

Q. What is your mantra in life?

A. Aaj ka din apna hai, Khul ke Jee lo. Kal ho na ho!!

Q. Quick questions:

o   Street/junk food or five star hotels? – Street food

o   Family becomes friend-like or friends become family-like? – Friends become Family like

o   Exploring the interiors of India or visiting the wonders of the world abroad? – Exploring the Interiors of India.

o   Bollywood movies/songs or Hollywood movies/songs? – Bollywood Movies/songs


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