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Introducing SLIQ 2.0, a pioneering AI and ML-driven Executive Education platform from Talentedge

A name that is committed to changing the way India learns, Talentedge, has launched the country’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-driven Executive Education platform SLIQ 2.0. A leading Ed-Tech firm, Talentedge has always been at the forefront of digital education, and with SLIQ 2.0, it is all set to revolutionize Executive Education in the country. SLIQ 2.0 has been designed for both web and mobile, and it is the first such platform in the education-technology space to be powered by AI and ML.

Newspatrolling team was there to witness this revolution in Executive Education, as Talentedge launched SLIQ 2.0 at IIM Kashipur, one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the country. Dr. Gautam Sinha, Director IIM Kashipur, shared his valuable inputs on the launch of Talentedge’s platform SLIQ 2.0. “Innovation like SLIQ takes education to a new level in the country; should help us in taking quality executive education from IIM Kashipur to a wider audience across the nation. Understanding our students’ online classroom patterns and being able to enhance their learning through futuristic tech integrating AI is a path breaking step for our partner, Talentedge,” said Dr. Sinha.

SLIQ 2.0 is slated to be a huge asset to Talentedge’s academic partners that include premier institutes such as IIMs, XLRI, Jack Welch Management Institute, SPJIMR, and MICA among others. SLIQ 2.0 will also benefit learners and mentors by revolutionizing the way they communicate and interact in the digital space. Talentedge already has the distinction of being one of the first Ed-Tech organizations to be awarded with ISO: 9001-2008 certification. With SLIQ 2.0, it is set to broaden its horizons even further and significantly bolster its ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Mr. Aditya Malik, CEO and MD, Talentedge also spoke at the launch event and briefed us about the various aspects of SLIQ. “Machine Learning is the definitive future of education in India. It is with this forethought that we launched SLIQ 2.0 for the benefit of our learners and mentors alike. We hope that this innovation of ours using Artificial Intelligence will enable truly customized-education and real-time problem solving capabilities. It will not only help the platform improve and learn faster about user preferences, but it will also guarantee users satisfactory service while learning on the platform. We are very eager and excited about the launch of this path-breaking product and hope to garner a positive response from our users,” said Mr. Malik.

After the launch ceremony, it became quite clear that SLIQ 2.0 will prove to be a game-changer for executive education in India.

How SLIQ 2.0 will benefit IIM Kashipur and other academic partners of Talentedge

  • Target a wider audience: SLIQ will enable top educational institutes to provide quality education to a wider audience. It offers the same classroom experience to learners, albeit in a digital space, where it is not limited by the physical constraints of a typical classroom.
  • Create customized learning modules: AI-powered insights provided by SLIQ will enable educational institutes to tweak their learning modules to suit individual needs. It will also allow customization based on the specific requirements of corporate learners.
  • Improve interactions between students and teachers: Live classroom sessions significantly enhance the learning experience by enabling real-time interactions between students and teachers.

How SLIQ 2.0 will benefit learners and mentors

  • Enhanced learning experience: The AI and ML in SLIQ can track and identify specific needs of users and offer suggestions and recommendations, which significantly enhances the learning experience.
  • Anywhere learning: With SLIQ, learning can happen while waiting for the company cab; while traveling in the cab; at the airport; in a park; on weekends; or any other place where learners may want to begin.
  • Improved focus: SLIQ can be used to set reminders and receive notifications, so that learners don’t miss out on their learning sessions. It will also track learners to ensure that they are focused on the screen and have not stepped away.
  • Personalized learning: SLIQ enables personalized learning so that learners can work at their own pace and not have to worry about missing sessions or assignment deadlines.
  • Real-time query resolution: SLIQ allows students to post their queries and get them resolved in real-time.
  • Connect with other learners: SLIQ allows learners to connect with each other to discuss their problems, ideas and concepts. This brings them even closer to the real classroom experience.

Courses offered by Talentedge

Talentedge offers as many as 250 courses from around 70 premier organizations globally. Learners can choose from Premium Executive Education, Certificate Programs, Degree Programs and Managed Learning Solutions. Courses offered are spread across various domains such as Business Management, Brand Sales & Marketing, Strategy & Leadership, Finance, Analytics, Entrepreneurship, HR, Ethical Hacking, Digital Marketing, GST, etc.

How to Apply

Learners can apply online at Talentedge website or use the company’s mobile app available on Google Play and AppStore.


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