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IPL v/s BAHUBALI – An Indian’s dilemma

It was 10 minutes before IPL match RCB v/s MI was going to start. April 17 2018’s eve, my excitement was at its peak. But unfortunately, I had to control it because my wife gets extra cranky on IPL days. I turned on the TV, searched some snacks for the match, turned the lights off and was completely set for the game. Suddenly my wife approaches me and snatches the TV remote from my hand. As a reflex, I snatched it back from her hand and stood up asking her what the matter was?! She cried today Bahubali 2 will be coming on the TV and there was no data pack in our phones. According to my wife, Bahubali is her idol, her role model! And that she trusts him more than she trusts me. But I had my IPL match and I was in no plan to miss it. Our 5-year-old daughter understands the depth of the situation. Meanwhile, my neighbor arrived at a time like this and started shouting “Chalo! It’s time for IPL”. Now how was I supposed to tell him that there’s already a big riot going on at my house? My daughter sent him back explaining that we were leaving for a dinner party hosted by our family friend. Although he doubted that we were not looking like we had to attend a dinner party but we managed to convince him and then sent him back. Resuming the fight between IPL and Bahubali, my wife suggested that we should just toss a coin and i wholeheartedly refused! She was actually having a bad day. She went to shopping in the morning and found a curfew in the market area, then she went to a beauty parlor and but the parlor lady herself was getting ready to attend a wedding sangeet, then she came back home and started cooking lunch and forgot to pick up our daughter from school. In the evening when I returned home she explained everything to me, and I consoled her “now that I have come, you’ll have a great time”. Little did I know that Bahubali would be punching me in the face? I still did not back off. Time was passing by and the match had already started. I did not know the opener and had no idea about the proceedings! I was being tortured!

I slowly turned and looked at my wife, she was getting impatient about Bahubali. I stood up, so did she, there was pin drop silence, then we seated back. My daughter started giggling, seeing her laugh me and my wife started laughing. We three shared a light moment. My daughter brought a solution that we should just go out, have some dinner and fun, no TV today!

I and my wife agreed. We got ready, sat in the car, drove to a street food corner to have some chaat, panipuri and noodles. As we selected a table and sat there, I heard cheering sound of a crowd, I looked around and noticed a TV at the chef’s table on which IPL was going on! Krunal Pandya was celebrating Corey Anderson’s wicket! I was filled with joy to get a chance to see IPL without a fight with my ladylove. A completely lit mood. I could not see my wife anywhere so I started looking around, my daughter told me while I was busy getting mesmerized by IPL, she met an old friend who had also come to eat here and they both sat in her friend’s car where the TV was attached and was enjoying street food with Bahubali. i was already sitting with my daughter on the table, having noodles with IPL!

God fulfilled everyone’s wishes at the STREET FOOD CORNER!


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