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Its a bipolar cliff-Hanger : Bedi V/S kejriwal

At the time when Delhi braces itself for the biggest political battle ever on 7th February 2015, political moves by BJP have raised the eye brows of the local population.  One thing is obvious from the start; it’s no more a triangular fight it will be a bipolar cliffhanger in Delhi polls in 2015.

January 19th saw BJP chief Amit shah Declaring former IPS officer Kiran Bedi as chief ministerial candidate of BJP in the upcoming Delhi polls scheduled in February.  Recent actions by the former IPS clearly indicated her skewness towards the Nareneder Modi led BJP Government.  “India First! Stable, Well Governed, Administered, Accountable and Inclusive. As an independent voter, my vote is for NaMo,” Bedi tweeted clearly indicating her move towards the saffron party.

The bug question unfolding now is the sudden change in stand of the former IPS officer. The lady was heard loud and clearsstating that she is not involved in politics and supports the Anna hazare movement as a citizen of the nation who is agitated with the rising scams and wants to bring to justice the culprits.  Bedi has repeatedly flooded her twitter account expressing support for the narender modi led “India First” campaign and has always ruled out of joining active politics.

“There are always speculations, I am very strongly public, but I am not political. There is a difference between being public and political. I deny reports of joining the BJP. When did I say I would become a member of any political party? I have never said that I am joining BJP.”

The move from BJP comes out as a desperate move. With the MODI wave not able to make dramatic inroads in the last elections in J & K and Jharkhand, the fear of a BJP failure in Delhi could dramatically hit the image of current prime minister. Induction of Bedi as the BJP Delhi lead has shifted the battle from a Modi V/s Kejriwal to a Bedi V/s Kejriwal.  Saving the face the move gives breathing space for BJP in case the battle does not fall in the hands of BJP as another loss might deter the image of Narender Modi. The move clearly indicates former IPS cushioning the face of Mr. Modi in case the elections swing towards the AAP.

Bedi who had administered for a US like presidential debate in INDIA in the last elections is backing off now from a debate between the BJP Candidate and the AAP Candidate.  Arvind Kejriwal Tweeted “”Congrats 4 being nominated as BJP’s CM candidate. I invite u 4 a public debate moderated by neutral person n telecast by all,”

Iron lady kiran bedi replied saying “Arvind only believes in debate, I believe in delivering. Debates will happen on floor of the Assembly.

Ms. Bedi and Mr. Kejriwal both officers joined the political activist as a part of the gandhian Anna Hazare movement for developing anti-graft laws to clean the Indian political system. Speculations on the direct confrontations were cleared when BJP filed Ms. Bedi’s nomination from Krishna Nagar rather than New Delhi constituency from where Mr. Kejriwal is contesting the elections. Nupur Sharma a young lawyer from London School of Economics will contest against Arvind Kejriwal from the New Delhi seat.

Delhi Polls on 7th February and results to be declared on 10th February.

By: Manu Arora

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