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Iran tests its indigenous air defense system

In a development that could create worries for the US, Iran today tested its indigenous air defense system. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said that the indigenously developed air defense system is designed to match the capabilities of the Russian S-300. The Russian S-300 is currently deployed in Iran, but the country is working on its own air defense system known as Bavar-373. A statement released by the government said that the indigenously built air defense system has been designed and developed entirely in Iran. The system has many components that are different from the S-300. The internal components have also been developed and the missile tests have been successful.

Bavar means ‘belief’ and it is the first long range missile defense system developed by Iran. After all tests have been done, it will be deployed in the Iranian army by March 2018. Iran has started working on its own air defense system after sanctions were imposed on the country. Due to the sanctions, Iran was not able to import air defense technology from other countries. Russia had supplied its S-300 after the sanctions were lifted in 2015, following the nuclear deal. Iran has also been developing military drones that can strike enemy targets. The Iranian military drones have been criticized by the Unites States, after some of them flew close to an US aircraft carrier and a US naval jet in separate incidents.

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