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Iraqi Baby With Eight Limbs Gets A New Life In India

In a miraculous procedure, a baby born with eight limbs, including two protruding from his stomach, has undergone surgery in India to successfully remove the extra arms and legs.


The operation is being regarded as the world’s first in which such type of operation held for a conjoined twin that did not fully form and was partially absorbed, resulting in the additional limbs. Seven-month-old Karam was born in Iraq with this extremely rare condition.

The boy’s father Sarwed Ahmed Nadar flew the infant to India for surgery, where doctors performed a three-stage operation to remove the unnecessary limbs.

Senior orthopedic consultant Gaurav Rathore, who was part of the surgical team, said that there are only a few known cases of this condition worldwide.

Dr. Gaurav claimed that the operation has been quite successful. He congratulated Karam for his courageous behaviour during the tough times and claimed that he is a very happy child.

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