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Iraqi forces reclaim Tal Afar; IS disintegrating like house of cards

In yet another major success by the Iraqi forces, they have reclaimed the northern city of Tal Afar from Islamic State (IS). It was expected that Iraqi forces would eventually be able to reclaim Tal Afar, but no one had expected that the battle would be so short. It was estimated that the battle for Tal Afar could go on for months, but in reality, it lasted only eight days. This indicates that IS is no longer the formidable force it once used to be and that it may be disintegrating like a house of cards. The victory of Tal Afar comes a month after Iraqi forces had reclaimed the important city of Mosul from IS. Iraqi forces are currently being supported by US-led airstrikes, which has played a significant role in securing the victory for Iraqi forces.

Buoyed with the recent successes in reclaiming territories from the IS control, Iraqi authorities are thinking about launching simultaneous battles for reclaiming the rest of the areas from IS control. Till now, the policy has been to reclaim one city or area at a time from IS control. But looking at the weakening of IS forces, Iraqi authorities are planning to launch simultaneous battles. However, it remains to be seen if such a strategy would work or backfire. The coalition forces would also have to be convinced to operate as per the new war plans and strategies.

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