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iRevo Multimedia to showcase the iRevo SMART TV BOX

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iRevo Multimedia is an end to end solution provider of popular Content, Devices (SmartTV Box) and mobile Apps for viewing content on Television and Smartphones. The product is developed in Silicon Valley and India over the past four years.

Targeted at Indian consumers, the iRevo Smart TV box is powered by iRevo’s Application and Content Cloud platform. This affordable product is powered by a Dual Core CPU with plenty of GPU and Memory for speedy video playback and web browsing. Included wireless mouse and remote control makes it easy; for all ages; to start enjoying TV Shows, Games, Social Media and Web browsing on consumer’s Television.

Pack ShotThe iRevo SmartTV Box is built on Android with the state-of-the-art hardware technology and offers a unique User Interface that is both intuitive and easy to use. The iRevo SmartTV Box supports all 4 screens, mobile, tab, PC and TV differentiating it from any available solution. The box brings Internet, Entertainment, Web Access, Personal Content and Android Apps – all in one place, on your HDTV.

The iRevo SmartTV solution is unique in that it is a combination of advanced hardware (iRevo SmartTV Box) running the iRevo SmartTV App, and PlayCast mobile app, both powered by the iRevo Cloud-TV platform, which delivers curated content and apps for enjoyment on multiple devices and screens.  The iRevo SmartTV solution allows consumers to enjoy their photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram. Within the same User Interface, users can also enjoy audio and video podcasts, YouTube videos and more. Additionally, photos, videos and music stored on devices or on LAN can be accessed and played on multiple devices. The platform is VOD and Premium service ready which would in future bring specialized and paid content for the users.

“iRevo’s Cloud-TV platform delivers curated content to SmartTV Box running iRevo SmartTV App and on Smartphones and Tablets running PlayCast app to deliver a comprehensive multi-screen solution which comprises Content, Platform, Device and Apps for a unique User Experience.” said Dhimant Bhayani, Founder and CEO of iRevo Multimedia. “Now, users can enjoy a vast selection of entertainment and personal content when they want and where they want. The platform is VOD and Premium service ready which would in future bring specialized and paid content for the users. Furthermore, content accessed on handheld devices can be TelePlay’d to the TV for sharing those special videos and photos with friends and family.”

The iRevo SmartTV Box is available in at all leading online stores and for special B2B alliances with Cable and MSOs.

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