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Irma makes landfall over Florida Keys at winds of 210 km per hour

The devastating Hurricane Irma continued on its predicted path and made landfall at Cudjoe Key, Florida, as a Category 4 storm. It packed winds of around 210 km per hour, which is powerful enough to do major damage. The hurricane is already ripping apart palm trees like twigs and is expected to cause extensive damage to most parts of Florida. Weather experts said that the threat is more from violent storm surges that could cause severe flooding. Southwestern coastal cities from Cape Sable and Captiva are expected to witness giant walls of water of up to 15 feet. The storm surges would be followed by large and destructive waves.

Even with so much at risk, many residents have simply refused to evacuate. Some people don’t seem to care at all that they could easily lose their lives or worse they can meet with an accident that can cause long-term or permanent disability. One resident who has refused to evacuate said that the winds are pounding at his door and his house is shaking dangerously. There is no option for such residents now, since they have crossed the deadline to evacuate. They cannot evacuate now since they are already enveloped by the storm. They will have to somehow brave the circumstances and hope to stay alive and unharmed. The hurricane has affected nearly 36 million people in Florida and many of them have evacuated to safer locations.

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