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Irma starts to pound Florida’s southern tip

Providing a glimpse of the things to come, Hurricane Irma’s outer bands have started pounding the southern tip of Florida with bursts of strong wind and rain. The weather department has already predicted gale force winds, torrential rains and deadly storm surge when Irma will make landfall with the coast in Florida. Irma has just crossed the northern coast of Cuba and is currently registering wind speed of 210 km per hour. It is expected to get even stronger as it turns towards Florida later during the day. Full-fledged hurricane conditions are expected to manifest on Saturday night in areas such as Florida Keys and across southern and central Florida. Residents who want to evacuate need to do so immediately because when the hurricane strikes with full force beginning Saturday night, it would become difficult to evacuate.

The hurricane’s eye will strike some areas of Florida Keys on Sunday morning. After that, Irma will start moving towards Florida’s southwestern coast toward Tampa Bay. At this time, Irma is expected to be a Category 4 hurricane, packing wind speeds of around 225 km per hour. All the coastal areas in western, southern and eastern Florida are facing the threat of massive storm surge. This could cause severe flooding in various areas. Authorities are going door to door to remind residents to leave their homes. The highways are already packed with people, as more than 5.6 million people have been asked to evacuate to safer places.

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