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Is Delhi poll result good for India

Victories are pleasant, but with great positions come great responsibility. At this point of hour when a clear mandate stands in favor of the Aam Aadmi Party, the big question is;are these results favorable for Delhi or not.

AAP comes at the forefront as a party highly disliked by most market observers. As per reports from different investment groups markets nationally are looking towards a tactical correction of 5 %. The question is not an AAP win over BJP that might bring down markets over a few hundred points. Nor does it matter it will dent MODI’s Image. The main point is the divide between the poor and the so called middle- class in terms of the MODI Governments long term policy vision. As it is looking the poor have voted massively in favor of AAP, hence they are not in sync with the Modi government’s long term vision for the country. Then the poor‘s idea of development surely has a different viewpoints in comparison to the so-called bulk of Middle class in the country. Where modi’s development program focusses on development, where development defines Jobs, Affordable Housing, clean water, healthcare and education. The needs and priorities of the poor are surely not the same as the Middle or Upper class.

Will the class divide wider if the AAP led government comes to the fore front.

With Kejriwal policies favoring the poor of Delhi and against big business; there is a complete disparity between the BJP policies at the national front and AAP policies at the local front. While Kejriwal has always portrayed himself as a man of Masses not mixing with business tycoons, Mr. Modi has been urging the businesses to come to the fore front helping the industries set up new ventures for growth.  The BJP Government is a big-business friendly, it has been trying to push new life to Special economic zones. The Modi government is trying to change the labor laws trying to scale back the subsidies even looking for a withdrawal of MGNREGS proposal.

It is clear for any sort of development fiscal deficits needs to be taken care of and subsidies need to be rolled back. For making the business giants to push in monies we need to provide them easy access to monies and lands. The Modi government till date has portrayed a path of development that looks feasible and correct as far as policy making goes. The UPA-II regime had massive capital accumulation which had led to a public outrage favoring BJP in the loksabha polls. The expectations were soaring high and many of us wanted a faster pace of reforms.  Will this AAP victory lead to a backlash and see the BJP moving towards a Hindutva option. What will be vital to see if other parties at the regional level are able to cash in the opportunity at the state level and lead to the emergence of a third front.

By: Manu Arora

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