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Is It Good for Your Back If You Sleep on the Floor

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Sleeping is one of the things that most of us enjoy.  Every individual has our own way or posture while asleep.  Some are back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.  While the way one sleeps greatly influences whether we develop back pain or not, sleeping on the floor has been a new and wide argument that arise.

It is proven that one of the reasons why we suffer from back pain is irregular posture while sleeping.  On a regular basis, we spend about 8 or more hours of sleep.  If we aren’t in the right posture, the chance of developing back pain is high.  Although we have soft and comfortable bedding, does it really give the right support to our spine? 

It is surprising that some people choose to sleep on the floor.  In the modern age we have today, sleeping on the floor may not be ideal but for some, it gives them some benefits yet there are still disadvantages.  Read on.



  • Improved blood circulation – Sleeping on the floor is like sleeping without any obstruction on your back. As mattress or any other support serves as a support, it lets the back be as straight as it can be. 
  • Less neck and back pain – People who sleep in the floor experiences less pain on their necks and backs as what people that don’t use any pillow while sleeping.
  • Good posture – As I have cited with the first benefit, the body doesn’t have any additional cushioning so it does achieve a perfectly aligned posture.
  • Cooler air – It is true that a rise in body temperature results in deprived sleep and restless nights. But as you sleep on the floor, cooler air is introduced thus preventing you from sweating.


  • Exposure to dust and mold – Persons with allergies or asthma won’t likely be able to stand sleeping on the floor for a long time. It is not advisable since it may trigger those conditions.  If you still choose to sleep on the floor, there should be regular cleaning.  Another source of allergic reaction that can be a problem is mold.  These molds don’t solely give you allergic reaction but also makes the mattress have that foul smell.  All that is left is to throw it away because it will be useless.
  • Bed bugs attack – Just like any other bedding, mattresses can be exposed to bed bugs. These bugs treat the mattress as their home.  The gross part is that they tend to multiply very fast. 
  • Cool may not be good – Too much cold and it can have an effect on one’s health. One should not sleep on the floor when the temperature is near freezing outside.  You can be prone to lungs issue, hypothermia and as well as hinder the good blood flow.
  • Not all will benefit from it – As the rule says, there will be exceptions. Sleeping on the floor is more beneficial and appropriate for people who sleep in their back.  People sleeping on their sides and stomach will feel uncomfortable specifically on their shoulders and hips. 

Want to give sleeping on the floor a try?  Here are some tips to do it right.

  1. Prepare your mental aspect. Understand that the first few nights won’t likely be good. The adjustment phase also depends on every person so you don’t have to compare to anyone.
  2. Get the right surface. Sleeping on the floor doesn’t mean directly on the ground. There are mattresses or even yoga mats that you can use.
  3. Use a pillow or not. Likewise, with the surface, sleeping on the floor shouldn’t make use of pillows. Just go with a pillow that isn’t too fluffy or else the whole thing won’t make sense.

Now that you’ve known the pros and cons of sleeping on the floor as well as some helpful tips on how to do it right, it will give you an idea if it is actually effective.  There’s no harm in trying it.  Surely some may not believe its effects.  But if you happen to have a change of mind, just remember the insights I’ve shared and you’ll be good to go.

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