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Is SEO Important For Construction Companies?

Reaching the top position in Google’s SERPS should be a priority for any marketer. Google accounts for 99% of all organic traffic, although search engines receive more than 226 million searches per hour. This is a huge audience for construction companies to reach with their brand. The first organic listing on the desktop gets about 20% of all clicks, while the first organic result on mobile gets 27.7% clicks. If distributed correctly, SEO for construction companies can easily help a company dominate Google SERPs and grow their audience.

Google continues to develop and update its algorithms that show how digital marketing teams adopt SEO and digital strategies. This can create challenging work for businesses whose dedicated content and digital output are not set up with dedicated experts to ensure the best results are set up. Fortunately, there are several aspects of SEO for construction companies that are consistent and not too difficult. Apply these five simple steps to your digital marketing strategy to avoid losing a high amount of valuable organic traffic.

1. Find out what your audience is already searching for
Sounds almost too easy doesn’t it? But it’s pretty simple – if you don’t spend a little time. Why waste valuable time and money trying to come up with ideas to attract traffic to your website and gain online visibility, when this approach can tell you what your target market already wants to know?

At a basic level, Google has a suite of free tools to help marketers do some analysis of keyword research and trending topics. For digital marketers who are better acquainted with search marketing and have a budget for investing in subscription tools, there are some great ones available that go into many more granular details. Understandably, most companies do not have the internal resources to focus on SEO and so partnering with a paper national digital marketing company can help your company achieve great results faster.

After previously providing SEO for construction companies, our clients benefit from our advanced keyword research, in-depth analysis of competitors, customer behavior, and the ability to generate the most conversions to identify search terms from the wider market.

2. Remember local SEO
Globally, Google accounts for about half (46%) of the 3.5 billion daily searches per day. But if that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore local SEO for construction companies, then probably 76% of local searches will result in customers picking up the phone to give you a call. In addition to these, 18% of local mobile searches generate sales conversions within 24 hours. Impressive huh?

The key point of the construction companies here is that it means making your business, product, service and contact information easily accessible to your visitors. In addition, they are already looking for you, and possibly in local proximity. So why is it not easy for them to be customers? By creating and optimizing the content that provides the information they’re looking for – your organization will influence Google’s search results. Conveniently, by putting your brand in front of your competitors that manufacturers ignore the power of local SEO for companies.

National and global enterprises can adopt local SEO in their digital marketing strategy to gain online visibility and engage existing audiences who are already looking for them locally.

3. Hello Google (URL, H1, Relevant Content)
Why Google? Google has a lion’s share of the market, leaving other search engines like Bing less than a priority – although it is important to note that small search engines should not be ignored. But if you want to, it is best for manufacturers to follow their guidelines for SEO.

There are several ways that companies can win the battle for that number one position in Google SERPS.

4. Create your company’s online profile with backlinks
Imagine that your business has received an offer from a trusted name in your industry, automatically your brand is considered a trusted company by the association. This is how Google respects backlinks from authoritative websites. Earnings from these links signal to Google that the content of your site is valuable to their users and will therefore rank higher. SEO for companies will benefit by creating links to well-known news sources such as “Building” the UK’s leading construction magazine. The higher the amount of relevant, quality websites that link to your site, the more likely you are to find your brand in front of your target audience.

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