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Is your bread really brown?

brown-breadBread is a popular breakfast staple. It is also an easy-shot for our hunger pangs in the evening. Bread has always been a part of our food life; even when we not so paranoid about our healthy lifestyle. Never mind, we still had an option to eat bread. The only noted change is brown bread. Suddenly, brown bread became so sought after that even our ‘kirana’ grocery stores were packed with varieties of it.

There is brown bread, atta bread, whole wheat bread, multi-grain bread. And it has all become really consumable now. In terms of affordability also, a typical brown bread will start from INR 25 and go up to INR 50. We are just talking wrapped breads available in the neighborhood grocery stores. The brown color is the new norm for our bread appetite at least. It is perceived to have no-maida and fewer calories, in comparison to its white cousin.

Irrespective; our discussion here is about the ‘health’ of your bread. Some of us have developed a habit of checking the expiry date of the packaged bread; just to be sure it can be consumed in time. Some of us may just trust one brand, for the mere softness of each bread piece. We even like trying new varieties to relish a different taste. All that is okay, but have you yet tried freshly baked bread from a neighborhood bakery?

Surprisingly, the freshly baked bread is just a bit more costly than your regular consumption. It will start from INR 50 and upwards. And it really is fresh; sometimes you may even be required to wait in the shop so that the bread is delivered from the oven. It is much healthier, smells fresh and tastes fresh.

The bakery shop is likely to make bread every day using high quality flour. There are no preservatives involved as it is a new process (fresh batch/lot of bread) every time. Only good ingredients are used in baking the bread and no artificial ingredients (for improving shelf life) are involved.  Whole grains are also used in fresh baking, which means more fiber, more nutrients, fatty acids and proteins. There is no use of refined flour in the process.

The result is a delectable product and a superior buying experience too. You have a good variety to choose from. Next time you shop for bread; make sure to try other options too.

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