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5th March 2021: Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), India’s leading hospitality and services education institution, in its fourth year of academic operation, announced the TALK (Transformation, Agility, Leadership and Knowledge) initiative – a modular series of short-term certification courses, under the aegis of the ISH Postgraduate Programme in Service Operations Management. Addressing an apparent skill and capability gap in the undergraduate space, ISH has taken upon itself to build a progressive ecosystem which focuses on enhancing knowledge transfer for young graduates and professionals.

“2020 has taught us many things. A new normal needs transformation, agility, leadership and knowledge. The need of the hour is to stay agile and competitive. Teams today need vision and leadership competencies that will propel them to execute new strategies. Our TALK series of training programmes includes a range of flexible modules”, says Dilip Puri, Founder & CEO at Indian School of Hospitality.

A new take on professional development, ISH’s TALK training courses build upon the need for organisations to transform for the new normal, be adaptable for unpredicted changes, and lead, armed with knowledge. The modules are especially built for middle to senior management and involve the use of innovative learning methodologies and immersive experiences. These courses are aimed at helping individuals steer their personal and professional development strategy, and change perceptions and behaviours that bring about real change, both for themselves and their organisations.

“Think of the TALK series of programmes as an investment towards building inspired teams that deliver real-world results, in a sustainable manner. Building upon our goal to equip the industry with intensive modules, immersive learning methodologies and the right tools, our tailor-made certification courses will enable your organisation to prepare for tomorrow, today”, says Kunal Vasudeva, Chief Operating Officer at ISH.

ISH’s faculty partners with organisations to create learning solutions directly augmenting business goals. All TALK modules are centred around what professionals need, in order to deliver on business objectives – strategic as well as tactical. Modules like revenue management, communication and poise, digital marketing and human resource management help create an energised talent pipeline, one that gives businesses a competitive advantage in today and tomorrow’s dynamic global landscape.

Designed as part of the 11-month Postgraduate Programme in Service Operations Management, TALK offers certification on successful completion of each module. Candidates can take up different modules at different times, basis expertise or business specific requirements.

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