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Bengalure, Dec 12: This is going to be quite shocking that ISIS was operated from, one of the  twitter account from Bengalure shamiwitness. And that is not an ordinary account. It was an most active account of the dreadful and dangerous ISIS and was handled out from Bengalure.

It was being operated anonymously and has 17700 followers, the messages were posted from this account on behalf of the  ISIS. The twitter was mainly used to make ISIS  propaganda to the social circle, also. Even the recent beheading videos of the hostages were also posted by this man Mehdi.

Mehdi a resident of Bangalore has been using this account for a year. He signed up for ISIS and being completely swayed by their  ideology. But at a certain moment he refrain from twitter due to financial constrains. Because, after knowing that ISIS not going to make him anything. He was back from that account. But sources say that he wanted to contribute in some other way. However the Indian agencies are looking for the possibility of similar accounts some elsewhere in India. Also it is more less confirmed that guy was from Bangalore.

These kind of social and illegal activity has to be found as soon as possible. Otherwise it may leads to great mishaps in future. Also the
issue stands as a way for terrorism.

By: Dani

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