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ISIS using UK businesses to fund terror activities

After investigations were conducted in the recent terror attacks in Europe, it has been revealed that the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) has been using business firms to fund its terror activities. The ISIS is reported to be using a network of companies based in Wales in the United Kingdom to finance its various terror activities. The recent terror attack in Barcelona, Spain is also said to be financed by the network of companies based in Wales. The Barcelona terror attack, in which a speeding van mowed down people, had resulted in the deaths of 14 people. Some hours later, the terrorists launched another attack at a seaside resort of Cambrils in Spain. One person died in the attack and half a dozen people were injured.

FBI investigations have revealed that a particular surveillance technology was used to launch the terror attack in Spain and this technology was routed through the network of business firms in UK. There were other related purchases as well that were routed through companies in Wales. All of these tools and technologies were ultimately used by the terrorists to launch the terror attack in Barcelona. The companies involved are mostly bogus firms with fake names and addresses. This has made it extremely difficult for security officials to track down the real culprits.

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