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Islamic State (ISIS) claims responsibility for UK parliament attack

As was being expected, terror organization ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on UK parliament yesterday. An announcement regarding this was made by ‘Amaq’, which is the propaganda news agency of ISIS. The announcement said that the attack on UK parliament was carried out by a “Soldier of the Caliphate”. It may be recalled that 3 people were killed and around 40 injured in the attack, in which, the ISIS terrorist mowed down pedestrians on a bridge. A police officer was stabbed to death and the terrorist was also killed in the terror attack.

Meanwhile, security forces in UK have arrested eight people in connection with the terror attack. These arrests were made in London and Birmingham. The police have also found that it was a lone-wolf attack and the attacker was inspired by Islamist ideology. His identity is known to the police and MI5, the British secret services. Speaking on the development, UK Prime Minister Theresa May said that they are not afraid and that such terror attacks cannot silence the country’s democracy.

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