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Islamophobic words banned on Chinese social media

Taking steps to control communal hatred, China has banned the use of anti-Islam words that are commonly known as Islamophobic words. These words are often used to belittle Muslim people and to prove that they are inferior. China is not too happy with Muslims in its area, but still it has ordered a ban on anti-Islam words on social media. China has been facing violence in its Muslim dominated areas such as Xinjiang and Ningxia, but even then it is taking steps to protect Muslims from abuse. Most of the Muslims in China are concentrated in Xinjiang and Ningxia province. There have been various cases of rioting in these places and reports also show human rights violations on part of Chinese authorities. Nonetheless, China has decided to protect Muslims from abuse.

State run Global Times reported that internet users have created various terms that are used to stigmatize Muslims. Such words have now been identified and blocked by the authorities. China is already fighting the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), an Islamic organization that has been fighting to gain control of the Xinjiang province. The Muslim Uygurs are in a majority here and they are fighting with native Han community, which is the main group constituting around 90 percent of the population of China. ETIM is already involved in various attacks in China. And yet, anti-Islam words are being automatically blocked by special software programs installed on social media sites in China.

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