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ISRO to test game-changer rocket capability next month

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will be conducting the developmental flight test of a new game-changer rocket next month that will have the capability to launch satellites weighing up to 4 tons. The information about the flight test plans was revealed by ISRO Chairman AS Kiran Kumar. It may be recalled that currently ISRO rockets have a payload capacity of up to 2.2 tons. For satellites heavier than 2.2 tons, ISRO has to take help from international launchers to launch its satellites.

The game-changer rocket that will be launched next month has been named as GSLV-Mk III-D1. This will be the first development flight test of this rocket. The second development flight test will be conducted within a year. Explaining why the rocket is being considered a game changer, Kumar said, “Once we build our own four ton capacity, we will be able to significantly reduce our launch from outside; then we are also looking at building satellites within that four-ton capacity, so that you can do all the launches within the country.” The rocket will be able to launch the GSAT-19 satellite that weighs 3200 kg, he added.

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