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ISRO’s Cartosat-2 satellite to help fight terrorism

Newspatrolling: Some time back, when Indian Army conducted a surgical strike on terrorists across the border, they said that they were helped by an eye in the sky. They were referring to the satellite images provided by ISRO, and now the Indian space agency is taking this a step further by launching the Cartosat-2 series later this month. The Cartosat-2 satellite can provide high-resolution images and can also record videos. It is capable of both along-track and across-track steering and this can be done up to 26 degrees, which implies that it can provide images in a continuous loop. This would be very useful for the Army to spot terrorists positions and their movements. It will also help keep track of Pakistani army movements and troops and weapons deployment.

The Cartosat-2 satellite weighs 700 kg and it will be placed at an altitude of 500 km in a sun-synchronous orbit. It has been developed at a cost of Rs 160 crore. The satellite also features a high-resolution multi-spectral instrument which has the capability to provide high-resolution land observation and cartography. It also features a panchromatic camera for taking high-resolution images. While the Army will certainly benefit from Cartosat-2 satellite, it can be used for civilian purposes as well such as land use and regulation, urban planning and development, monitoring road networks, water resources management, etc.

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