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Ist October is celebrated as WORLD VEGETARIAN DAY

If you are vegetarian or interested to shift to VEGAN diet there are many health benefits and also few concerns. As a Nutritionist , I would like to highlight the health benefits and the nutrients which  give a miss while you follow a vegetarian diet .

  1. Weight Loss:  Plant based meals have high fibre which gives good satiety value . A bowl of salad with Pulse gives a good feeling of fullness and hence less calorie intake. Plant based food help in reducing abdominal fat
  2. Good  Digestive System:  Plant food have excellent fibre and hence can be good for digestion.  2 bowls of veggies is important with  meals for better fibre intake. This also helps in lowering cholesterol and good sugar control.
  3. Better Health:  The colours of plant based diet called as phytonutrients have  multi colour benefits.  8-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day have plenty of antioxidants in diet.  They have anti-cancer, healthy skin, and better nerve health and are anti-aging.
  4. Improved mood:  Studies state that higher intake of plant food gives more energy, calmness, greater feeling of happiness . this is impact of antioxidants in diet.

Word  of Caution: The proteins and calcium in diet should be considered through various vegetarian sources of protein and calcium intake in diet.  Foods  like Nachni
( Ragi ), Green leafy vegetables, more dals and pulses should be incorporated to meet the same. Vegan diet can be better planned with the help of your Nutritionist.

by Dr. Geeta Dharmatti, Chief Nutrigenomics Counsellor, GeneSupport

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