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Isthara Co-living pledges COVID-safe living for WFH professionals in metros

Ties ups for sanitisation, ensure COVID checks for guests
Hyderabad, 17th November 2020: For those professionals who are living in shared spaces in metros, a co-living operator is offering safe and sanitized living spaces in post-COVID times. Ishtara Co-living with spaces in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad, has pledged strict protocols for COVID checks and regular sanitisations to ensure hassle-free living.
“Our goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for our guests. For this, we’re ensuring strict quality controls for food service, temperature checks, proximity checks on Aarogya Setu and measures for sanitization. The company aims to expand to 12,000 beds by the end of 2020-21’’, said Krishna Kumar Vijaiyan, CEO and Co-Founder of Isthara Urban Living.

Our Student housing brand – Loft, has witnessed an explosive expansion from 700 to over 8000 beds during the lockdown period and we have taken steps to ensure that this growth is achieved on the foundation of Isthara practices of Cleanliness, Hygiene and Safety. We are planning to launch 10,000 beds by end of this year.

This decision comes at a time when the economic slowdown has also affected the Indian co-living market. The Financial Express, in a report on the sector, had valued this market at $7 billion before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The market dynamics have completely changed post-Covid. The customer is no longer just cost-conscious, but also seeks quality as well as safety and hygiene. This has led to the customer making the move from an unbranded place to stay to a Branded and a Safe place like Isthara, which has built up a reputation for quality facilities. Not only during the lockdown, but now too, Isthara is witnessing a multi-fold increase in demand for its services and product offerings.

The company is planning to hold onto sanitisation and safety for their guests.

  • The company follows strict protocols, including temperature and the Aarogya Setu app checks for its guests
  •  They’ve trained resident skippers to identify COVID-19 symptoms and escalate them to a 24-hours doctor-on-call or the requisite authorities. Moreover, they’ve tied up with Johnson Diversey, an American Housekeeping chemicals supplier that sanitises their kitchens, common use items like dustbins, food and social areas (especially gyms) after every use
  •  They are also limiting guests in the dining area, encouraging them to eat in their rooms
  • They’ve also set up rigorous cleaning schedules and sick bays for isolation

“We have supported our partners through the last seven months and ensured that their staff received a caring, WFH environment. We are also preparing a road map for the safe return of our employees who had to leave for their hometowns earlier”, he added.

“Our biggest asset is our team who ‘create memorable experiences’ for our guests, and we look forward to their return.” The company’s corporate clients include guests who work in Accenture, HSBC, Deloitte, Care Hospitals, AIG Hospitals, KIMS Hospitals, Indigo Airlines, Air India, ICICI and Indian Airlines.

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