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It Is All About A Real Will…

Failing is a hard stage which anyone could pass through, but it doesn’t actually make you a failure. It is all about your ability to stand up again after being hit. You may need days, weeks, months or even years to gather yourself again but the more important is to take your decision to get up again, as Emma.

Emma was going to be a single mom, because her boyfriend will leave her after knowing that she is pregnant with abnormal child. She was going to struggle alone, she won’t have a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold her hand in her way, or anyone to hug her at her worst times. He gave her two choices, he or his little boy. Emma didn’t think twice before choosing her innocent baby, though she knew that her life will change from the first second she say the words.

She had her mother’s home, but no money or career. When the boyfriend packed his stuff and went away, she just sat on her bed for four days crying and damning her disgusting destiny. She dreamed to live a happy life with a loving husband and few kids laughing around her, but now all her dreams are shuttered. Why she has to suffer alone, why she can’t dream anymore? She was just losing herself gradually.

It was a fateful moment when her best friend knocked her door asking to hang out and enjoy some snacks together at Emma’s place. Emma cooked her famous cheese cake with some donuts and a strawberry-milkshake. As usual, her friend began eating and flattering Emma’s delicious food which gave Emma a great idea. She laughed for minutes before saying a word, she really can do it and won’t need anyone anymore.

That moment changed Emma’s life forever, she decided to open her restaurant in her own house, and deliver food and desserts for many cafes , offices, homes and almost everyone in the area. It was a great idea but also a hard one. She needed a capital and hard work.

She had to work everyday from 5am to 11pm. She was suffering from vomiting at the morning, and pain in her back and legs because of the pregnancy, but she knew she can’t give up. Her little boy needs her, she is everything he has, and she can’t let him down. Every Night, she cries in her bed till her eyes close, then she wakes up at the morning and works as much as she can. She had to pray and work hard for 6 months to be able to gain enough money for her and her baby, but she finally did it.

Unexpectedly, the little boy was born before his time due to the Emma’s hard work in her restaurant. She suffered a lot in the hospital without anyone to stand by her. She cried, and prayed a lot, she needed someone to hold her hand and tell her that everything will be okay.However, God was there for her. She was fine after few days, and the boy had just slight problems that needed some surgeries to be cured. However, when her boyfriend heard the good news, he decided to come back to her and his little boy, so and asked her for marriage. She refused and asked him to stay out of her life forever.

Emma discovered the power of free will and that who leaves you at the hard moments doesn’t deserve to be with you at your happy ones. She completed her life with her baby who made her a strong independent woman, and now she is waiting for someone who will love her at all her moments.

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